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  1. Oct 04 / 12 / Brownells, Inc.
    It's blocky and chunky and very rectangular - and it came out almost 70 years before Glock made those aesthetics cool. It's the Webley & Scott Self-Loading Pistol Model of 1913, the British answer to the Colt 1911. Brownells Gun Techs and historic firearm aficionados Keith Ford and Steve Ostrem are back at Rock Island Auctions to show us a beautiful example of this fairly rare semi-auto. It's chambered in the .455 Webley Auto Mk I cartridge that's roughly equivalent to the .45 ACP load of the period,
    I had some audio issues in this video. I found that my microphone was not plugged completely. I hope besides this you enjoy the video I actually found out what the markings means. It designates it is unable to be repaired in the field. Not 100% sure it ever was repaired, but i shot 200 rounds through it without issue so....... It must not be in that bad of shape Handguns Webley & Scott Revolvers Review
  3. Feb 08 / 143 / guns blog
    Webley & Scott is an arms manufacturer founded in Birmingham, England. Webley produced handguns and long guns from 1834 to 1982, when the company ceased to manufacture firearms and instead focused on producing air pistols and air rifles. In 2010 Webley & Scott restarted the production of shotguns for commercial sale. Shooting , range,sports,an tique,rare,deta il,revolvers,be autiful,awesome ,great guns,very good,holster brand,safety,be safe,security,j obs,jobs,advert isment. #webleyandscott Handguns Webley
  4. Jan 28 / 6 / DEAN WATERS
    This lovely little piece is a 3 compact version of the Webley mk IV .38 S&W. Mostly sold to law enforcement agencies, but also saw military use. This particular gun has 1950s Birmingham Proofmarks and some Austrian marks. As a WW2 reenactor I will enjoy having this as a lovely little conversation piece and I look forward to the show season. Handguns Webley & Scott Revolvers Review
  5. Sep 25 / 16 / The Gun Shop
    Jon quickly shows how easy it is to remove, clean, and replace the ejectors from the Webley & Scott 1000-series shotguns. Handguns Webley & Scott Revolvers Review
  6. Aug 24 / 7 / theshootingshow
    http://www.thes hootingshow.tv http://www.gavi ngardiner.com Going under the hammer at Gavin Gardiner's Gleneagles auction on 27 August is an English sporting gun from Webley & Scott, exhibiting remarkable quality and remarkable condition. Gavin says it looks like it's barely fired a box of cartridges. Can't make it to Gleneagles? You'll be able to bid online through www.gavingardin er.com. Handguns Webley & Scott Revolvers Review
  7. Aug 02 / Gavin Gardiner Limited
    28-inchstock, with 2 inch chambers about and full choke borings the frame and top level with scroll engraving retaining virtually all of its original hardwearing colour. 14 inch well-figured stock 6lb. 6oz., nitro proof The gun appears virtually unused. LOT 110 Sale Gleneagles Hotel 27 August 2018 Pre-sale Guide Price 500 700 Gavingardiner.c om Handguns Webley & Scott Revolvers Review
  8. May 08 / See Hear Say Learn
    This video is about Webley & Scott '. This video series is something special. We're fully delving into all things everything and all things about the everything you could imagine in WEAPONRY. From guns, war, ammo, strategy, bombs, destroyers, air craft carriers to the politics and manufacturers of weapons!!! Link to Amazon.com
  9. Mar 29 / 2 / Gavin Gardiner Limited
    This fine gun has a 25 1/2 inch barrel with matching number, barrel housing with rear sight, a receiver with screw breech and folding aperture sight. Its 14 3/4 inch figured stock with pistol grip and ribbed butt plate. Most the original finish is retained and it is contained in its original maker's box. Lot 139: Sotheby's Sale 18th April 2018 Pre sale estimate 500-600 gavingardiner.c om Handguns Webley & Scott Revolvers Review
  10. Jan 02 / 47 / The Gun Shop
    Handguns Webley & Scott Revolvers Review

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