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Firearm Reviews

Firearm Reviews

February 10, 2019

G&G new pistol changes into a rifle!!! Airsoftology SHOT Show 2019

From Airsoftology on Sunday, February 10th, 2019 in Reviews, Rifles, Pistols, & Videos
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Welcome to the official YouTube channel of Airsoftology. We're making honest independent reviews, tossing out airsoft advice, answering your tech questions, and mixing in some epic gameplay footage every once and a while... all with a dash of humor.
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50 Comments on "G&G new pistol changes into a rifle!!! Airsoftology SHOT Show 2019":

Scratched Disk Wednesday, March 20th, 2019
I need more info on those piranhas! I usually don't run a pistol but those have got me considering! I'm really hoping that there will be a Co2 mag for it!
House of Malice Sunday, February 24th, 2019
Have you seen leahs tits? I bet They're awesome
MKA Tuesday, February 19th, 2019
6:55 when are they put on sale as i komplet gun??
Pose1don Tuesday, February 19th, 2019
Umarex did it first
Kenan Beltran Monday, February 18th, 2019
Not tm spec? Garbaaaaaaggggeeee
Michal Szymborski Sunday, February 17th, 2019
I know stuff is exciting man but slow is smooth and smooth is what we need on that camera, I'm still a big fan but I'm getting seizures watching the video.
Choon Sunday, February 17th, 2019
I need that Lee Enfield
Ricky Ravioli Sunday, February 17th, 2019
32 gram stock makes me happy
Travis Sawatzky Thursday, February 14th, 2019
cocaine is a helluva drug😂😂
Dougline Wednesday, February 13th, 2019
Damn, I hate my country so much when I hear "worldwide products" but here it comes costing literally 10 times more.
Tactical Hatter Tuesday, February 12th, 2019
I wish you had spent a little more time on the Pistol Carbine as that was your tagline. I mean other then longer barrel(?) and a stable site rail, and stock what's the advantage over an AEG.(or GBBR) It just looks like a Flash gadget. Does it improve accuracy or effective range? (I could barely here what the other guy was saying other than something about a box mag) Can you drop the pistol out mid game to use in close quarters? will it take an HPA tap or is it green gas only? and like that. Thanks Love the show.
Jeff Swanson Monday, February 11th, 2019
God those PRKs are aweful.
olumsezbey Monday, February 11th, 2019
More about the new HPA’s! I’m thinking of switching to that style.
SπdR Monday, February 11th, 2019
Is this the carbine mod for pistolsEDIT: I KNEW IT
Joey Matthew Tan Monday, February 11th, 2019
Still waiting for the mp7 aeg
Blanch Daddy Monday, February 11th, 2019
Great looking stuff! Hey Jonathan which patch is that on your badge pouch and how can I get one??
Vito Scaletta Monday, February 11th, 2019
Selling a ARX 160 I bought for $280 on eBay for for $190 barely used
john pickering Sunday, February 10th, 2019
I am English and I want the Lee Enfield
Jan Kowal Sunday, February 10th, 2019
Rip ad revenue
Eric Gray Sunday, February 10th, 2019
The no hose HPA is the only thing that may actually turn me to HPA
HITMAN1er Sunday, February 10th, 2019
They're banning p* everywhere is there really any point in making innovations until they uniformly lock the regs? It sucks because we spend a ton of money on these systems just to not be able to use them unless in a private game.
Captain Chazz Sunday, February 10th, 2019
Hopefully constructive criticism, but get a tripod or mono pod or get a camera person. The motion actually makes these videos unwatchable. Your content is awesome you get great access to these companies and it wasted on poor quality video
Captain Firepower Sunday, February 10th, 2019
Wow! I love those WWII Airsoft rifles.
Jacob Lucas Sunday, February 10th, 2019
The SMC9 is my hands-down favorite part of Shot Show thus far. I just love its looks.
Mark Greenway Sunday, February 10th, 2019
John you are a tease with them Lee Enfield
Drew142 Sunday, February 10th, 2019
I dont know how well the auto dropping mags in airsoft i dont really want to be dropping my mags all over the field its an interesting concept but i think it applys better to competitive shooting.
Luis Martinez Odja Sunday, February 10th, 2019
So I’m new to airsoft and I’m looking for an entry level rifle (stuck in between Apex , G&G 2.0e and the Classic Army ec2) which one do I pick? I feel overwhelmed by the choices...
Moboots Gaming Sunday, February 10th, 2019
Should have showed off those classic snipers some more, r they spring or gas?
Salen Stormwing Sunday, February 10th, 2019
Airsoft Barracks woo! My local store!
Prestonesfpv Sunday, February 10th, 2019
ADHD or amfetamine ?
Jan Hoving Sunday, February 10th, 2019
I really like the HPA on G&G
General C Sunday, February 10th, 2019
Question. For Mil-Sim are we allowed to use a full face maskNext can I wear camo sweatpants or only camo cargo pantsFinally does my vest color and my belt color need to match
Will gowan Sunday, February 10th, 2019
Pistol carbines are cool but not really new
Kris Sunday, February 10th, 2019
I love world war guns!
Randomness NCM Sunday, February 10th, 2019
Nick Sunday, February 10th, 2019
The photo bomb guy at 5:16 hahaha 😂
Josip Lačić Sunday, February 10th, 2019
Price of gng blue and gray full metal gun?
Rainier Bettonviel Sunday, February 10th, 2019
Troll at 5:18
Rainier Bettonviel Sunday, February 10th, 2019
Shitty camera work...
Alex Elston Sunday, February 10th, 2019
Cool, informative video, as always 👍🏼 But one big question, will the 33g 500 shot buffer tube work with the Wolverine MTW? 🤔
ade collins Sunday, February 10th, 2019
Lee Enfield,..
jamie housley Sunday, February 10th, 2019
Wonder when that smc9 is out? 🤔🤔
TGW Echo Sunday, February 10th, 2019
Damn didn't know Josh was there lol
Chris Marthini Sunday, February 10th, 2019
So i had no idea it was shot show season already. Looks like G&G is bringing the heat!
Blockish Tick Sunday, February 10th, 2019
Im loving the camera work and these shot show videos! also is that rail mount on one of those G&G 1911's compatible with any of their other pistols??
Chris Marthini Sunday, February 10th, 2019
HobbyMan UK Sunday, February 10th, 2019
Some absolutely awesome stuff coming from G&G!
adam vaughan Sunday, February 10th, 2019
Gn Blsm2 Sunday, February 10th, 2019
Yamahoo Sunday, February 10th, 2019
Oh dang
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