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  1. Dec 04 / 162 / TFB TV
    Essentially the Soviet response to the H&K MP5 covert briefcase, the KGB invented this briefcase in response to a need to covertly carry an AKS74U while guarding high-level dignitaries. Unlike the MP5 briefcase, the AKSU case is designed so that it simply camouflages the rifle in plain sight, allowing a user to easily deploy the rifle by depressing a trigger which allows the briefcase to fall apart, leaving the rifle attached to a carrying handle that becomes part of the suitcase. This particular
  2. Nov 28 / 18 / czusafirearms
    Precision rimfire rifle competitions have been gaining steam in the last few years and CZ rifles have been go-to equipment for the sport. Expanding on our premium offerings, the Varmint Precision Chassis pairs our heavy-barreled 457 action with an aluminum chassis of our own design. Equipped with an adjustable Luth-AR stock, an AR-style grip, QD sling sockets and plenty of M-LOK slots, proper fit and customization are easy to accomplish.
  3. Nov 25 / Kyle Counter
    I review the Mossberg Blaze rifle chambered in this is a very inexpensive lightweight polymer semi auto rifle loosely modeled after an Ak47. Rifles Mossberg Semi Auto Rifles Review
  4. Nov 24 / 1 / Arc Sparks
    The M&P10 is the big brother to the popular Smith & Wesson M&P15. Chambered in .308 Winchester this version is a versatile and modestly optioned rifle. Recently there has been a growing trend towards semiautomatic .308s rifles, the most popular being the AR-10. At first glance, the M&P10 shares several components with its AR-15 brethren. Clamped on the barrel is a mid-length A2-style handguard. The gun also arrived with a standard A2-style grip and six position M4 style stock. It's one of those loose
  5. Nov 18 / 12 / THE GUNMEISTER
    Welcome to THE GUNMEISTER channel. In this video I do a review of the SAVAGE A17 chambered in 17HMR.Then I do some tests to see the accuracy and reliability of the super accurate Savage a17. I think the results of this review will surprise you! Please Like, Share, and Subscribe. Help support The Gunmeister by Becoming a Patreon!
  6. Nov 14 / Assembly & Disassembly - 3D Visual Guides
    The Type 99 rifle Arisaka or Type 99 short rifle ( Ky j ky -shiki tan-sh j ) was a bolt-action rifle of the Arisaka design used by the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II. During the Second Sino-Japanese War in the 1930s, the Japanese soon found that the 7.7mm cartridge being fired by their Type 92 heavy machine gun in China was superior to the 6.5 50mm cartridge of the Type 38 rifle, necessitating the development of a new weapon to replace the outclassed Type 38. 2 The Imperial Japanese Army
  7. Nov 08 / 31 / Airgun Detectives
    This is a full and complete review of the SIG Sauer MPX and the MCX Co2 .177 caliber pellet rifles.We will provide you an unbiased detailed review and will show you the performance. DISCLAIMER: This video is meant for educational & documentary purposes only. All work on airguns and airgun accessories should be carried out by a proficient licensed professional. Airgun Detectives Channel nor YouTube will be held liable for any injury or damage resulting from attempting to duplicate anything shown in
  8. Nov 07 / 368 / hickok45
    Enjoying my Thompson Center .54 caliber Hawken rifle again. Sweet! First video with this rifle:
  9. Nov 05 / 14 / Gunscom
    Savage Arms is putting out so many different variants of rifles on their 110 bolt driven action that it's difficult to keep track. While the High Country tops our list of favorite hunting rifles, the new Storm offers many of the same features and performance for an even more affordable price tag. Here's what a wild African Safari taught us about the 110 Storm. Before going on any hunt, especially one halfway around the world, it's critically important to get familiar with the rifle. Savage's Storm
  10. Nov 05 / Tactical Review
    Tactical Review is now on Facebook: m/TacticalRevie w2019 And Instagram: @tacticalreview 2019 You can help support the channel: /TacticalReview Store of curated affiliate links: Store of curated affiliate links:

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