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  1. Sep 05 / 64 / ozziereviews
    The Warwick WFA1 has been very popular in Australia for good reason, it is well built and reliable allowing for a heap of add-ons. I did find accuracy disappointing at 100 yards using a 4x power optic, however the rifle functioned very well.
  2. Sep 02 / 742 / hickok45
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  3. Aug 24 / 14 / ozziereviews
    The Ruger SP101 in 357 Magnum is a solid revolver. Accuracy was good with 38 Special loads however spread when using 357 Magnum loads tested. It requires a good set of Wolff gun springs for a more comfortable and lighter trigger pull in double action but overall nil issues with the functioning of the revolver.
  4. Aug 15 / 19 / ozziereviews
    STI have a great reputation for accuracy and this pistol was no exception. A typical 1911, built sturdy however I replaced the original STI magazine with a Wilson Combat one for better reliability.
  5. Jul 24 / 43 / sootch00
    Getzone New Gun Accessories Guide. Rival Arms Glock Midwest Industries PC9 Truglo Sights Holosun Optics Case Knives Check out Getzone.com for the SootchZone to see exclusive content