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  1. Sep 07 / 377 / Honest Outlaw
    The first shots of budget handgun that comes with everything you need. Here is a link to donate to a local shelter in Ames Iowa that could use your support
  2. Sep 06 / 141 / TFB TV
    In this episode Miles goes to a local gunshop in Amman to check out what the local laws, trends, and interests are in the legal firearms market in Jordan. He interviews the store owner and is able to really get some hands on time with the various handguns and shotguns in the store, seeing what Jordanian gunowners like and appreciate. Right now handguns and shotguns are legal to own by permit within Jordan, although the handgun market is rapidly dwindling due to changing laws concerning firearms.
  3. Aug 20 / 477 / Honest Outlaw
    Two of the best carry 9mm handguns on the market put head to head to find out which one is right for you.
  4. Aug 17 / 1130 / TFB TV
    In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves discusses the best alternative and competitors to the Glock 19, as well as their shortcomings and what they do better than the Glock 19, if anything. These will all be 9mm compact polymer framed handguns from reputable manufacturers. Any guesses? Read more at: