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  1. Sep 04 / 95 / duelist1954
    I did a video on Schofields eight years ago that was big on history, and short on shooting. I'll try to reverse that in this video. If you like the video, please support the channel on Patreon:
  2. Jul 11 / 1 / Bayan1905
    A quick review of the Uberti Wells Fargo Number 3 Schofield revolver in .45 Colt. This is a true Number 3 revolver, not one of those cheap Spanish or Mexican made copies of the Smith & Wesson Hand Ejectors some are passing off that are made in shops in Guadalajara or Tijuana. Handguns Uberti Revolvers Review
  3. Apr 26 / 4 / Dusty Tucker
    in this video i am giving you my opinion on the 1873 Uberti Cattleman, in 357 mag. hope you find some of my blabbing useful. Handguns Uberti Revolvers Review
  4. Apr 06 / 87 / BigDaddyHoffman1911
    This one has been on the list for a while. The UBERTI AMERICAN CARBINE! A revolver carbine...what a combination. BigDaddyHoffman 1911 on Instagram:
  5. Mar 28 / 7 / Michael Neu
    Uberti Single Action Army Short Stroke SASS Pro Handguns Uberti Revolvers Review
  6. Mar 12 / 5 / Rich's Gun Shop
    In this video we talk about the rare Uberti custom single action revolver used in the Expendables movies. Handguns Uberti Revolvers Review
  7. Feb 20 / 9 / Captain Westicle
    This is the new pistol I got for Cowboy Fast Draw. A good gun for the money, but an Hombre or the standard Cattleman might be a better buy, as the gun is going to need a fast draw action job regardless. Handguns Uberti Revolvers Review
  8. Feb 01 / 4 / Redneck Reviews
    Check out my review of the Uberti Cattleman
  9. Jan 24 / 38 / plowboysghost
    How I defeated the retracting firing pin system.CAUTION! Makes it unsafe to carry 6 chambers loaded!! (I found the screw I lost and reinstalled it the next day) Handguns Uberti Revolvers Review
  10. Jan 01 / The Pa Joker
    How to disassemble uberti cattleman or colt single action army for cleaning Handguns Uberti Revolvers Review

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