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  1. Jan 13 / 2 / Scott Vaj
    Nice and affordable Colt single action clone from Pietta. Handguns Traditions Revolvers Review
  2. Aug 13 / 55 / LifeBuzzN
    I recently purchased the Traditions Navy Black Powder pistol from Classic Firearms. In this video, I'm loading and shooting it. This is a basic instructional video. Handguns Traditions Revolvers Review
  3. Jun 20 / 52 / CRS Firearms
    This is a high speed comparison video of the ruger single action super #Blackhawk and the traditions #SAA. Both #revolvers are chambered in 44 mag and they are both made of high-quality. They both have advantages over the other in this video I will be helping to determine what advantages are best for you. Handguns Traditions Revolvers Review
  4. Oct 11 / Blake Walker
    Handguns Traditions Revolvers Review
  5. Mar 02 / 22 / Graham Baates
    Traditions offers 1873 SAA revolvers with an added safety feature permitting you to actually load a six-shooter to six shots! Join us on Facebook, or check out the blog at Support this channel with some swag at www.cafepress.c om/GBGunsMerch Handguns Traditions Revolvers Review
  6. May 10 / 20 / CRS Firearms
    A review on the Traditions 1873 in 357 mag To help support channel check out our Store page
  7. Jan 31 / 44 / kevin6154
    This is the first shots from the traditions 1851 navy colt replica. After 12 shots I figured out where to hold as it shoots high. Once i figured out where to hold I found this to be a superbly accurate lil pistol! Handguns Traditions Revolvers Review
  8. Jan 30 / 42 / kevin6154
    This video is basically for those who may be interested in trying a black powder revolver. I am new to this, so come and take a ride with me back to 1851 lol! Im sure i will make some mistakes along the way and maybe this series will help you avoid them. In this video I explain everything that you will need to get started. In keeping with my budget theme i keep it simple and cheap! Hopefully ill see yinz on the range tomorrow! Handguns Traditions Revolvers Review
  9. Oct 25 / 140 / 1957Shep
    1851 Navy conversion revolver 38 special imported by traditions. A copy of the Colt 1851 Navy Conversion. After the Civil War, it was quite common for percussion revolvers to be converted to cartridge revolvers. This is a reproduction of a Colt 1851 Navy Conversion. End of video shout out is for mark3smle. Find the channel by following the link below.
  10. Jun 09 / 108 / duelist1954
    We are most familiar with Traditions as an importer of muzzloaders and of cap and ball revolvers, but Traditions has begun importing a replica of Colt's Single Action Army revolver. But this is a replica with a twist. Traditions' SAA is equipped with a Ruger style, transfer bar safety. This feature will allow you to load all six chambers and safely carry the gun. Handguns Traditions Revolvers Review

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