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  1. Oct 01 / Brett Koski
    First serious outing with this rifle in almost TEN years. Long story short, she has a new stock, which I apparently didn't tighten good enough and it was coming quite loose as this clip was shot. Looking forward to getting this Tikka dialed in better. This is the smoothest cycling bolt-action I own, hands down. It is an amazing rifle for the price! The rifle itself is probably over 20 years old by now, think this is a mid-1990s production gun, and who knows how many rounds down the tube. It is definitely
  2. Sep 30 / 18 / The Hide
    Taking a look at my first Tikka here on the channel. Results were very nice. For the price point of a thousand bucks one has to decide how refined they want their bolt action. If your in the market for a very nice and smooth bolt gun, this could be it! Rifles Tikka Bolt Action Rifles Review
  3. Sep 21 / 19 / 314299 Shooting Channel
    Accuracy testing a few factory and hand loads in a Tikka T3 bolt action rifle chambered in 222 Remington. Rifles Tikka Bolt Action Rifles Review
  4. Sep 13 / 176 / Bloke on the Range
  5. Aug 09 / Xsarra Zone
    Down and Dirty Review of the First Rifle I Bought. My Dislikes, My Likes, My Thoughts on my first rifle. Rifles Tikka Bolt Action Rifles Review
  6. Aug 08 / 3 / Cabela's Canada
    Paul Beasley, host of Canada In the Rough, reviews the new Tikka T3X Lite Special Edition Bolt Action Rifle, exclusively available at Cabela's Canada. This firearm was custom built to meet the demands of a Canadian shooter. See it here:
  7. Jul 15 / 39 / ozziereviews
    The Tikka Superlite is ideal for long walks as it won't weight you down. I managed to easily achieve the sub-moa guarantee and found it a pleasure to shoot - a typical Tikka! Rifles Tikka Bolt Action Rifles Review
  8. Jun 12 / 76 / 8541 Tactical
    Blog Post -
  9. Apr 14 / 26 / Hammerheart Outdoors
    Goat Gun almost complete Rifles Tikka Bolt Action Rifles Review
  10. Apr 12 / 461 / Bloke on the Range

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