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  1. Oct 11 / 31 / The Hide
    This has defiantly been one of the most requested rifles for review here on the channel. I'm glad to have finally gotten one for review. Check out the awesome results out of this sub-$300 rifle! Patreon:
  2. Oct 11 / 43 / ozziereviews
    The T/C LRR is well built with a very smooth action. I managed to shoot 5 shots into 0.8 @ 100yards with Hornady ELD Match 140gr after failing to get other ammo to shoot under 1.2 at the same distance. Overall I found the need to remove the rear stock every time you want to remove the bolt very frustrating. Rifles Thompson Center Bolt Action Rifles Review
  3. Sep 30 / 3 / boomstick 779
    Review of the Thompson Center T/C R22 Handguns Thompson Center Semi Auto Pistols Review
  4. Sep 09 / Wild Life Adventures
    We shot a new Thompson Center Compass rifle today .The rifle was a gift my son received for Christmas . It was topped with a 3x9x40 Leupold scope in a 3006 caliber . It had a crisp trigger and a very smooth bolt cycle . We got an 1-1/2 group out of the gun on a very hot day with little time between shots . All in all the gun handle well and shot very well . Rifles Thompson Center Bolt Action Rifles Review
  5. Aug 28 / Yamaha Whitetail Diaries
    Yamaha's Randy Hawkins heads into out into Texas brush country on a whitetail hunt with TC's Venture Weathershield rifle. He's going to encounter a mix of weather while he covers a lot of terrain from big food plots, brushy hills sides and more on this hunt. Rifles Thompson Center Bolt Action Rifles Review
  6. Aug 15 / 353 / 22plinkster
    22plinkster shirts -
  7. Jun 14 / 45 / Slav Guns
    In Episode 3 we take a look at the Thompson Center LRR in 308 Winchester, American Outdoor Brands' first entry into the precision shooting market with a Sub MOA chassis rifle. We take a look at the features, discuss whom it is right for, take it out to the range and test it with Hornady Match 308 168 grain ELD and handloaded ammo. I then give you my first impressions and where we go from here. Picture of the Thompson Center LRR Case -
  8. Jun 04 / 2 / Americana Outdoors
    Wade Middleton is here to give us some insight into the T/C Compass Rifle, and goes in depth on how you can get the most out of your experience hunting with one of these incredible guns that were named gun of the year in 2016 by Guns and Ammo Introducing the T/C COMPASS - A great choice of rifles that can match any budget. Building on a heritage of accurate, affordable firearms - from a trusted American brand. Designed to deliver today's sport shooters and hunters with a feature-rich bolt-action
  9. Mar 02 / 25 / Bolt Action Reloading
    In this video we go over the Thompson Center Compass in 6.5 creedmoor. We do a very quick unboxing of the rifle, add our Vortex 4-12x44 and muzzle break. We show a bore scope view of the barrel, compare the factory Hornady 143 ELD-X precision Hunter box velocity to the actual velocity we achieve with its 22 barrel. We also take our match load and test to see what velocity and group size we get with it. This was a $200 rifle that we are going to test to see how accurate it can be with a very budget
  10. Feb 09 / 29 / Bolt Action Reloading
    In this video I update the Thompson Center Compass project chambered in 300 Win Mag. This was a $200 rifle that we are going to test to see how accurate it can be with a very budget setup. In this video we go over more reloads in our Thompson Center Compass and updates moving forward. We load up ADG Brass with the Hornady 208gr A-Max and Hodgdon H1000. Federal FED215M primers are used. We use the Satterlee load development style to evaluate this combo and find a velocity Node to use for our next

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