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  1. Aug 05 / 24 / john walsh
    Canadian assembled stag arms 10 Rifles Stag Arms Bolt Action Rifles Review
  2. Mar 01 / 5 / Guns N' Doodles
    Here's a tabletop review of the Stag Arms Retro 20 inch ar-15 chambered in 5.56x45 Nato. It features a milspec bolt carrier group, standard m16 a2 style stock and rifle length gas system. Its a great rifle if you used to be in the armed forces or military, whether Marines, Army, Navy, Airforce or Cost Guard. It also would be great to go shooting with at the gun range. Its a similar rifle to the old stag arms model 4. It has a heavy barrel so it is a gun that would be legal in the state of Maryland
  3. Dec 10 / 1 / Redneck Reviews
    My Fav. Range Bag
  4. Jun 29 / NRApubs
    In this segment, American Rifleman Television reviews the Stag Arms Model 7L rifle. Rifles Stag Arms Bolt Action Rifles Review
  5. Mar 28 / 290 / Mrgunsngear Channel
    I do shooting with the rifle, test it's accuracy, go over the features and specs, and discuss what I think of it overall. Is it the best budget AR15? Let's find out... Glock 40 shirt:
  6. Nov 26 / 247 / Mrgunsngear Channel
    I've had the Stag 10S AR-10 308/7.62x51 rifle in for a few months and in the video I document several range sessions, test the accuracy, go over the details and specs of the rifle, and discuss what I think of it overall. Shirt link:
  7. May 27 / 1 / Gun Talk Media
    In this segment of Guns & Gear TV Season 6, Stag Arms' Jesse Tischauser shows off some bolt and bolt carrier options available at
  8. Jul 06 / 53 / Alpha Nation
    Quick Video On The Finish Product Rifles Stag Arms Bolt Action Rifles Review
  9. Aug 13 / 107 / SlamFireProductions
    I review my Stag Arms AR15 Model 1 rifle. I touch on several things such as the rifle's statistics, its physical features, and I also show it in action out on the range. This is a basic review of the rifle aimed more towards inexperienced shooters or people who are interested in getting this rifle and would like to know more about it. Check out our Facebook page at
  10. Oct 28 / 90 / brotherskeepers111
    A look at my Stag Arms AR-15 Rifles Stag Arms Bolt Action Rifles Review

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