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  1. Nov 24 / 1 / Arc Sparks
    The M&P10 is the big brother to the popular Smith & Wesson M&P15. Chambered in .308 Winchester this version is a versatile and modestly optioned rifle. Recently there has been a growing trend towards semiautomatic .308s rifles, the most popular being the AR-10. At first glance, the M&P10 shares several components with its AR-15 brethren. Clamped on the barrel is a mid-length A2-style handguard. The gun also arrived with a standard A2-style grip and six position M4 style stock. It's one of those loose
  2. Oct 14 / 52 / Riccardo Muscarella - shooter - maker - rmtattoo
    Recensione e prova della smith e wesson 686 in 357 Magnum, revolver capace di sparare anche il 38 special. Test eseguito al poligono Nobel. Confronto fra il modello da 4 pollici e quello da 6 pollici. Vedremo tutte le caratteristiche che la riguardano e faremo anche una prova di precisione al poligono, verificando il rinculo e il rilevamento. Ho notato, come era gi prevedibile, che quello da 4 pollici, catalogato comune, ha meno stabilit rispetto a quello da 6 pollici. Ma ci , non influisce sulla
  3. Oct 14 / 2 / CaliforniaNomad
    In this review video I talk about my personal experience and modifications to the M&P 15-22 Sport CA compliant model. Topics: Installing Volquartsen Extractor Running Cheap Ammo Gun Maintenance .22lr as a defense round Personal Range experience Personal mods/add-ons Thanks for watching and feel free to reach out with any questions regarding the firearm! If you liked this video and want me to make more like this, subscribe and reach out to me with any firearms you'd like to see! Stay Safe! Rifles
  4. Sep 16 / 2 / Elliott Delp
    Little Bit About the Video: Well, the first pistol review that I have done could have gone better. I had really high hopes and was let down. Maybe it was user error. Please let me know down in the comment if yall like the review videos or if you prefer vlog style or maybe a combo of both. Hunter's Channel:
  5. Sep 04 / Xsarra Zone
    Down and Dirty review of the M&P 15-22, how it is working for us, the additional optics, and how quick break down. Rifles Smith & Wesson Semi Auto Rifles Review
  6. Jul 31 / NRApubs
    The ARTV crew visits Smith & Wesson's Springfield, Mass., factory to see how its legendary revolvers are made. Rifleman Review looks at the new Winchester Wildcat .22 rifle; I Have This Old Gun checks out an icon of the British Empire, the Martini-Henry rifles. Handguns Smith & Wesson Revolvers Review
  7. Jul 23 / 562 / Lucky Gunner Ammo
    The Smith & Wesson M&P 380 Shield EZ is not a pocket pistol and it's not trying to be one. It's more in line with the size of the current crop of compact single stack 9mm pistols and even a bit larger than most of those. However, I'm including this review with our Pocket Pistol Series because .380 ACP is generally thought of as a pocket pistol caliber. But that doesn't have to be the case. While skeptics will likely see this gun and immediately consider the 380 Shield to be 'too big for a .380,'
  8. Jul 05 / 275 / Mrgunsngear Channel
    We do some shooting with the new Smith & Wesson Performance Center 38 Special 442 revolver, go over its features, how it has performed, and what I think of it overall Crimson Trace LG 105 grips:
  9. Jul 02 / 5 / Maverick Gunworks
    Description of features also includes cleaning, trigger pull, and concealed carry options Handguns Smith & Wesson Revolvers Review
  10. Jul 02 / 14 / Khari Chronicles
    Welcome to my channel, if you enjoy my videos please LIKE ~ SUBSCRIBE ~ SHARE!! Instagram:

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