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  1. Jan 23 / 8 / Countryway Gunshop
    The Browning B525 1 Millionth Commemorative shotgun came out in 2008 and this was to celebrate reaching the production of 1 million 525 actions. This limited Edition Browning 525 was a run of 500 shotguns. There were 500 UK Specification and 500 American Specifications, but in this video we are solely focusing on the UK Spec Browning. There were 500 of these Browning One Million Commemorative shotguns produced. 125x 28 525 Sporter 125x 30 525 Sporter 125x 28 525 Game 125x 30 525 Game Marked over
  2. Sep 24 / 25 / Lloyd Pattison
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  3. Apr 08 / 146 / Buffalo's Outdoors
    The Remington 870 is a pump action single shot shotgun that utilizes a gas piston system to reduce recoil and is intended for trap shooting. Check out the garageguy879 channel-
  4. Jun 16 / 23 / Andrew Bracken
    A video describing the restoration of an old single-shot shotgun I recently completed. And before anyone loses their minds, the flask just has water in it and was used for a theatrical effect that I have since omitted from any future videos. EDIT: I discovered after this video that this is indeed an Iver Johnson Champion. I also was able to locate the correct barrel lock mainspring and is now a functioning, safe shotgun. I am, by no means, an expert on this subject and try to explain things as best
  5. Dec 06 / 12 / Tactfully Tactical101
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  6. May 12 / Sliman's Studios
    free green screen muzzle shots for movie..... SLIMAN STUDIOS PRODUCTIONS 2016* Shotguns Beretta Single Shot Shotguns Review
  7. Sep 10 / harievecora
    Beretta DT10 Trident Trap Bottom Single 12-gauge Shotgun New beretta dt10 trident sporting shotgun beretta dt10 beretta dt10 trident trap combo for sale beretta dt10 trident trap beretta dt10 trident trap review beretta dt10 trident xtrap beretta dt10 trident trap bottom single beretta dt10 review beretta dt10 trident trap price Shotguns Beretta Single Shot Shotguns Review
  8. Jan 11 / 17 / P & D Videos
  9. Jul 02 / 71 / Team Wild TV
    This week, Keith Anderson gets his mucky mitts on on the Browning 725 shotgun. Browning say that they've jam-packed their latest shotgun full of cool new features, and Keith's going to put it to the test. What better way for Team Wild's number one varminator to try it out than by shooting at bolting rabbits on the range? To watch more exciting hunting episodes visit My Outdoor TV - https://www.myo Shotguns Browning Single Shot Shotguns Review
  10. May 20 / 30 / TheFloridaWaterdog
    This is my Pietro Beretta 20 gauge folding single shot shotgun. It was made circa 1961 and my father bought it around 1970. My father passed it down to me for my first gun and it has gotten plenty of use over the years. Before coming to me, my father shot 1000 rounds hunting quail and pigeon and saw time in his jewelry store safe as a holdout gun. Cosmetically it needs to touch ups but internals work just fine. Rather uniquely, it folds on itself and the trigger guard slots into the foregrip. It's

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