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  1. Nov 13 / all4hunters English
    Designed for American hunters, the Dea SLX is a classic Fausti side-by-side shotgun solid yet handy at the same time. We tested it during hunting quails and partridges in the hills. Read our review here:
  2. Oct 10 / Karl Karlsson
    For all gun liberals out there. Rifles and handguns, short and long range. Shotguns Beretta Over Under Shotguns Review
  3. Aug 31 / 3 / Rural Stuff
    AYA Side by Side Shotgun. A few pot shots to get used to my AYA 12 bore. Shotguns AYA Side By Side Shotguns Review
  4. Aug 30 / 1 / True North Outdoors TV
    We take a look at an antique Belgian, black powder twist steel sidelock shotgun. Shotguns Crescent Side By Side Shotguns Review
  5. Jul 27 / Bill Mackay
    My first video - a review of my Akkar Churchill Trap shotgun, 30 barrels. Hoping to shed some more info on this great gun, particularly for a left handed shooter. Shotguns Churchill Side By Side Shotguns Review
  6. May 18 / 2 / RockIsland1913
    I recently came across a nice tight Remington grade one model 1889. The action is bank vault solid, no play at all, no cracks in the stock or dings in the barrel, buttplate looks new, all serial numbers match. This is an early gun with low five digit serial number, probably around 1894. The things that come along when I am not looking for them.... Shotguns Remington Side By Side Shotguns Review
  7. Apr 13 / 4 / capthal 1947
    Late 1970 Browning shotgun. Shotguns Browning Side By Side Shotguns Review
  8. Mar 22 / 16 / Hammer Striker
    Old 12 gauge Double Barrel coach gun (shotgun) by Rossi. Has 3 inch chambering, and functioning external hammers. This old gun is so much fun! Link to Ruger single action revolver shown:
  9. Mar 19 / 10 / Northwoods Collective
    Eibar is known as the gun making capital of Spain. There you can find one hundred years of history of the AYA Shotgun. From the people in the streets to the artisans in the factory, AYA is woven into the culture and history of this incredible city. Spanish double guns have a special place in many of our hearts back in the States, but the intimacy that still lies on those factory floors has been lost in the noise of our modern times. To learn more about AYA visit:
  10. Feb 05 / 2 / Impact Guns
    Check out the new for 2019, Remington 870 side folder. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel so we can keep making more videos for you! Also hit the notification bell so you don't miss out on new content! -

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