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  1. Jun 30 / NRApubs
    American Rifleman's Christopher Olsen gets a closer look at one of the new-for-2017 .410 lever-action shotguns from Henry Repeating Arms. Rifles Henry Repeating Arms Lever Action Rifles Review
  2. May 25 / 17 / Backyard Blasters
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  3. May 01 / 24 / Gunscom
    Check out our full review for Henry Repeating Arms' new 410 Lever Action shotgun on -
  4. Apr 25 / 419 / Gunblastdotcom
  5. Feb 19 / 189 / hrfunk
    This is a review of my classic Marlin lever action rifle! Shotguns Remington Lever Action Shotguns Review
  6. Jan 24 / 32 / Vault Samurai
    by Wardaddy Covadonga BrownCoatGarrus Download:
  7. Jan 17 / 52 / ms1914
    This Marlin lever action rifle was purchased at walmart. It is a post Remington buy out gun. I have had a few issues with this weapon namely, the barrel being crooked and the magazine tube being very loose. I had to send the gun back to the manufacturer for repair, which I talk about in the video. If you have had any experience with this let me know please! Thanks for watching!! Please , like, comment and subscribe, I want to hear from you! Please check out my instagram and twitter pages as well!
  8. Feb 15 / 12 / Bob Nonya
    Overview of my marlin 336 lever action rifle chambered in 35 remington. I talk about what kind of bullets I shoot in it and why, from light 125gr up to 200gr. Also show how to take it apart for basic cleaning. Shotguns Remington Lever Action Shotguns Review