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  1. Aug 09 / 9 / The Blind Sniper
    Originally a budget shotgun sold by Sears when they were around, this old girl might be my preferred shotgun. I've always preferred bolt actions over pump actions, and this shotgun cycles far better than I expected. Patreon:
  2. Sep 06 / 13 / Texas Outdoors and more
    In this Gun Wall Review we take a look at my 60's Mossberg 395KB 12 Gauge Bolt Action Shotgun. I go over some of its features and why it still has a place in today's hunting camps. Follow us on Instagram:
  3. Dec 29 / 131 / The Hunting Gear Guy
    My review of the Remington 700 ADL. Disassembly at 4:55 Full article at
  4. Aug 23 / 282 / Forgotten Weapons
    Sold for $2,875 John W. Keene was an independent gun designer who developed this rifle (and took out 9 patents on its various features) in the 1870s. He did not have a factory at his disposal to produce the gun, so he went looking for manufacturing partners. The Remington company at that time had been heavily committed to their very successful single-shot Rolling Block rifle, and did not have a bolt action design to submit to the upcoming 1878 US Army rifle trials. This was a natural fit, and Remington
  5. Jan 16 / 8 / Gun Mart TV
    Peter Moore brings a smile to his face while re-visiting his 35 year old Remington 870 Pump Action Shotgun. Recently Cerakoted by High Calibre Coatings based in Suffolk. Subscribe to Gun Mart TV for more!
  6. Jan 31 / 14 / Dirt
    Remington MODEL 722 .222 BOLT ACTION CENTERFIRE RIFLE, with a poll on the website. Shotguns Remington Bolt Action Shotguns Review
  7. Sep 25 / 36 / Mike Papa Kilo
    Public Disclaimer: At this point, we are not sponsored or supplemented by any brand, company, or affiliation shown in our videos. The mpk1414 channel would like to be a source of unbiased material for you, the consumer. If you don't like what we show, please be civil. We love constructive criticism but ask that you do not spam or create a negative environment in the comments section. With that being said, we hope you enjoy the video and take a moment to like and subscribe to the mpk1414 channel!
  8. Sep 09 / 93 / Mike Papa Kilo
  9. Sep 01 / 1 / cenaiva
    Browning A-Bolt M-1000 Eclipse .22-250 Remington Rifle - Pictures browning a-bolt review browning a-bolt 12 gauge browning a-bolt medallion browning a-bolt stainless m-1000 eclipse review browning a bolt m 1000 eclipse browning a-bolt m-1000 eclipse for sale browning a-bolt disassembly browning a-bolt shotgun browning a-bolt m1000 eclipse rifle reviews Shotguns Remington Bolt Action Shotguns Review
  10. Jul 30 / 24 / GunsGearN Freedom
    Remington 580 Review. This rifle is a .22 single shot bolt action rifle. I review and shoot this little gem of a rifle in this episode of Guns Gear & Freedom. Please Subscribe, Comment, Like & Share! Add Me On Facebook:

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