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Firearm Reviews

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  1.  Tue, Apr 23rd

    Top Reasons to Buy or Build a .300 BLK rifle

     Reviews, How To, Rifles, Short Barrel, 212
  2.  Wed, Mar 20th

    Gun Review: IWI Tavor X95

     Reviews, Rifles, Short Barrel, 37
  3.  Fri, Feb 8th

    How to stretch out your pistol caliber carbine

     Reviews, How To, Pistols, Short Barrel, 10
  4.  Sat, Jan 26th

    [SHOT Show 2019] Franklin Armory's Reformation RS7, CZ EVO Binary...

     Reviews, Rifles, Pistols, Short Barrel, Shotguns, 108
    TFB TV
  5.  Mon, Dec 31st 2018

    CZ-2000 "Lada" - AK Czechnology in 5.56mm

     Rifles, Short Barrel, 950
    Forgotten Weapons
  6.  Sun, Dec 2nd 2018

    Book Review: Vickers Guide, Kalashnikov Volume 1

     Reviews, How To, Rifles, Short Barrel, 280
    Forgotten Weapons
  7.  Thu, Nov 29th 2018

    Umarex Steel Strike Gun 6-Shot Burst Auto BB Airgun Features

     Rifles, Short Barrel, 16
    Umarex Airguns
  8.  Thu, Nov 1st 2018

    #REPOST @randyjack2014 - #BFSIII from @franklinarmory in a...

     Short Barrel, 1
    Franklin Armory
  9.  Fri, Oct 12th 2018

    H&R's Experimental M14 Guerrilla Gun

     How To, Rifles, Short Barrel, 418
    Forgotten Weapons
  10.  Fri, Sep 21st 2018

    In this video, MAC takes a look three different common...

     How To, Pistols, Short Barrel, Concealed, Handguns, 0
    Kahr Firearms Group
  11.  Thu, Sep 6th 2018

    S&W 1940 Light Rifles: Receiver Breakage is a Problem

     Reviews, How To, Rifles, Pistols, Short Barrel, 613
    Forgotten Weapons
  12.  Fri, Aug 10th 2018

    Maltese Flintlocks: Girard Mle 1733 Pistols of the Order of St. J...

     How To, Pistols, Short Barrel, Handguns, 282
    Forgotten Weapons
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