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  1. Nov 18 / 12 / THE GUNMEISTER
    Welcome to THE GUNMEISTER channel. In this video I do a review of the SAVAGE A17 chambered in 17HMR.Then I do some tests to see the accuracy and reliability of the super accurate Savage a17. I think the results of this review will surprise you! Please Like, Share, and Subscribe. Help support The Gunmeister by Becoming a Patreon!
  2. Nov 05 / 14 / Gunscom
    Savage Arms is putting out so many different variants of rifles on their 110 bolt driven action that it's difficult to keep track. While the High Country tops our list of favorite hunting rifles, the new Storm offers many of the same features and performance for an even more affordable price tag. Here's what a wild African Safari taught us about the 110 Storm. Before going on any hunt, especially one halfway around the world, it's critically important to get familiar with the rifle. Savage's Storm
  3. Oct 19 / 2 / White Knight Firearms
    Today we put the Savage A22 to the test to see how accurate it really is. In all my shooting (500 rounds) I have found this gun to be more accurate than I can shoot. Rifles Savage Semi Auto Rifles Review
  4. Oct 14 / Alex Ophonso
    Savage Axis 22 250 Rifle Review Rifles Savage Bolt Action Rifles Review
  5. Oct 13 / boomstick 779
    Review of the Savage Sporter 23AA 22 lr Rifles Savage Bolt Action Rifles Review
  6. Sep 26 / 1 / all4hunters English
    We took a closer look at the Savage Arms MSR 10 Hunter semi-automatic hunting rifle, which is not only intended for sports shooting, as the name suggests. Read more here:
  7. Sep 13 / 17 / Gunscom
    Building on its growing family of AccuStock, AccuFit, AccuTrigger outfitted Model 110 bolt actions, Savage has produced its crown jewel for hardcore hunters. All metalwork is stainless steel and coated with Coyote Brown PVD, a coating thought superior to Cerakote. At only 2-4 microns thick, PVD can be used on parts with extremely tight tolerances. A spiral fluted bolt and barrel are classy touches that go beyond the aesthetic to both shave weight and aid in heat dissipation. The True Timber Strata
  8. Sep 08 / boomstick 779
    Review of savage 6a Rifles Savage Semi Auto Rifles Review
  9. Aug 05 / 1 / Wide Open Spaces
    What makes a good varmint rifle? This Savage Arms A17 HM2 is a shining example. We got to check out the new Savage A17 HM2 rifle, a semi-automatic rimfire optimized for the 17 HMR Mach 2 caliber. The delayed blowback action, user adjustable (and Savage Arms exclusive) AccuTrigger, and 10-round rotary magazine just scratch the surface of the great features this gun has. We tested the A17 HM2 with CCI V-Max ammo (which reach 2,010 fps), and were able to execute seamless chambering and cycling throughout.
  10. Jun 20 / 6 / NRApubs
    Get a closer look at the Savage Model 110 High Country, the latest addition to our #SundayGunday series. For more information, visit

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