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  1. Oct 24 / GunCity
    Tom shows Connor the powerful .338 Lapua Sako, a long range rifle with some luxurious hallmark features that you know and love from Sako. They also discuss how the .338 round stacks up against the .308 round. Check it out here:
  2. Oct 10 / 22 / RACKNLOAD
    A closer look at the AWESOME Sako TRG-22. The TRG-22/42 is designed to meet individual demands, and adjusts to each shooter's personal style, build and posture. The aluminium re-inforced composite stocks are available in two colour options: black or green. The stock is designed for both right and left handed shooters. The rear stock is adjustable in height and cast off/on, and features cheekpiece which can be adjusted laterally and with spacers also vertically. The butt plate is adjustable for distance
  3. Sep 18 / 2 / Toroiband Sairanholt
    Rifles Sako Bolt Action Rifles Review
  4. Jun 23 / 141 / USOG
    The Sako 85, or Black Bear, is an excellent rifle from Finland and definitely lives up to its positive reviews. I have received many requests to review this rifle and I finally have a great video for you! I hope you enjoy it.
  5. May 15 / 29 / Switchpod
    A very accurate and fun to shoot Finnish Bolt-action rifle. Rifles Sako Bolt Action Rifles Review
  6. Mar 12 / 11 / Precision rifle reviews
    A common problem with Sako TRG42 is cheek weld hight and then bolt engaging cheek rest. That problem is a thing of the passed check this amazing adjust cheek weld and butt hight quick adjust item. I bought this item from a very nice guy called Terje Andre Fj rtoft. His email address is Don't forget to follow me on Facebook as there are often video on one platform and not the other. Rifles Sako Bolt Action Rifles Review
  7. Mar 11 / 181 / USOG
    Have a look at the legendary Sako and the Tikka/Ithaca 55 -- another superb rifle from the same period. I mention the Sako 85 and I checked again, and they do make a mini-action in .222, .223, and maybe .204 Ruger.
  8. Mar 06 / 18 /
    We take the Sako 85 Finnlight 2 down the range to give a first look review. Does the Finnlight 2 live up to the quality we have grown to know with Sako rifles? You'll have to watch to find out... Thanks to GMK Ltd for sending down the rifle!
  9. Feb 23 / 1 / Precision rifle reviews
    Jump back a few years, How has the Sako finnfire II held up over the last 2 - 3 years,, well awesome Thx again to Nick at Ignition Custom Engineering (Australia) don't forget he runs a 24/7 child minding service too so you can go hunting and comp shooting without him just tell him Tristan said hi. Rifles Sako Bolt Action Rifles Review
  10. Jan 27 / 2 / THE RURAL RENEGADE
    Today I take a look at the sako a7, This particular is chambered in 7mm-08 follow me on Instagram at theruralrenegad e josiahsteinke

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