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  1. Jun 21 / 9 / Maverick Tangent
    Rifles Saiga Semi Auto Rifles Review
  2. May 09 / 42 / ClassicFirearms
    Looking for a product featured in this video? YouTube prevents us from posting links. Head over to our website to find what you're looking for. Facebook -
  3. Apr 18 / 5 / Gnutzguy
    This quad rail is 80% cheaper than the Polytech's. It's also smaller, lighter and the lower rail need not be disturbed to clean the gas system so therefore not upsetting the zero. I can't see why the factory couldn't use screws instead of rivets on the top handguard, the cost would be minimal. The adapter was made from a #10 diameter screw, 32 thread count and 2.5 long. Ideal T81 quad.
  4. Mar 14 / 96 / Mishaco
    Folks have asked us about Saigas chambered for the 7.62x39mm round, so when one came around, we decided to talk about it and also take it to the range. The Saiga here started off life as a standard hunting/sportin g version and was then converted by a local gunsmith into something like an AK-103 clone. We compare it with my trusty SGL31-94, and then talk a bit about the history behind Izhmash, the Legion custom shop, and various Arsenal/FIME imports. Interested in becoming a Patreon contributor? Check
  5. Mar 10 / 60 / Lewis Noire
    #LewisNoire #AK12 #AK-12 My translation from Kalashnikov concert video about Saiga AK-12. Rifles Saiga Semi Auto Rifles Review
  6. Mar 03 / 161 / Mishaco
    Its here finally folks, our full length review of the new KR-9 Carbine from Kalashnikov-USA . Actually, this is only Part 1 of 2. We begin with a brief history of the PP19 Bizon and Vityaz-SN SMGs used in Russia, as well as Izhmash's semi-auto Saiga-9 carbine. Then we compare the KR9 with two Izhmash imports, the SGL31-94 and SGL12-94 to see how close K-USA got to an authentic clone. On to the main event, we run 500 rounds through the new carbine at the range, trying several ammo brands and 5 OEM
  7. Feb 25 / 5 / Round Guy's Gun Reviews
    In this video I take my newly converted Saiga to the range and try 4 different mags and 3 types of ammo. Parts from the conversion were from: K-Var
  8. Jan 31 / 100 / 704 TACTICAL
    Thanks American Pawn and Gun In Monroe NC For the Support GECO Ammo Test In Progress Music m Rifles Saiga Semi Auto Rifles Review
  9. Oct 18 / 9 / Terribly Tactical
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  10. Sep 23 / 354 / AK Operators Union, Local 47-74

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