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  1. Nov 08 / 3 / Sootch00 Fun Gun Reviews
    Palmetto State Armory PSA 16 CLASSIC FREEDOM AR-15 RIFLE & S&W SHIELD 9MM PISTOL Originally: $699.99 After Rebate: $649.99
  2. Nov 07 / 360 / hickok45
    Enjoying my Thompson Center .54 caliber Hawken rifle again. Sweet! First video with this rifle:
  3. Nov 05 / 14 / Gunscom
    Savage Arms is putting out so many different variants of rifles on their 110 bolt driven action that it's difficult to keep track. While the High Country tops our list of favorite hunting rifles, the new Storm offers many of the same features and performance for an even more affordable price tag. Here's what a wild African Safari taught us about the 110 Storm. Before going on any hunt, especially one halfway around the world, it's critically important to get familiar with the rifle. Savage's Storm
  4. Nov 04 / 546 / hickok45
    More fun with the old Scout Squad version of Springfield's M1A. It's been a nice rifle, but I'm going to let it go. First Video:
  5. Nov 02 / 28 / ozziereviews
    The CZ 457 has a number of improvements over the previous 455 model. I had zero issues with the rifle, an absolute pleasure to use.
  6. Nov 01 / 36 / BigDaddyHoffman1911
    The love child of an AR-15 and Winchester Model 94? Maybe. The Browning BLR takes the lever-action platform into the 21st century. Rifles Browning Lever Action Rifles Review
  7. Oct 25 / 41 / ozziereviews
    As promised I got a hold of a standard A22R for comparison to the tactical version I tested a few weeks ago. I had no issues other than one single failure to fire and accuracy was under an inch @ 50 yards for 10 shots. Love the honest reviews? Keep Ozzie Reviews going for just $1, please click here:
  8. Oct 24 / GunCity
    Tom shows Connor the powerful .338 Lapua Sako, a long range rifle with some luxurious hallmark features that you know and love from Sako. They also discuss how the .338 round stacks up against the .308 round. Check it out here:
  9. Oct 23 / 7 / Outdoors Junky
    Browing X-Bolt Max Long Range in 6.6 Creedmoor. Shooting at 100 yards with a Primary Arms 3-18x50 RGrid 2B. Super accurate rifle using factory hunting rounds. More to come! Primary Arms 3-18x50
  10. Oct 23 / 1 / Waterfowl Assassins
    Review of the Browning x-bolt 270 white Gold medallion This video is about Luke 2016 browning x-bolt 270 white Gold medallion. He is just explaining his thoughts and opinion about the rifle. I know that this gun is a vary nis and smooth shooting gun that many people would love to shoot. please comment, like, and subscribe Rifles Browning Bolt Action Rifles Review

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