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  1. Oct 19 / all4hunters English
    We spent a hunting day with the Revenant, the new over-under shotgun that Caesar Guerini designed for stalking. Read our complete review here:
  2. Oct 10 / Karl Karlsson
    For all gun liberals out there. Rifles and handguns, short and long range. Shotguns Beretta Over Under Shotguns Review
  3. Sep 28 / all4shooters English
    A training afternoon on the sporting clays course with the Fausti SLX Magnificent over-under in 28 gauge. Read our review here:
  4. Sep 05 / 12 / Countryway Gunshop
    Today we have a Browning B25 is original condition. This Browning B25 B2G is dated 1974 and apart from the oval in the stock is in its original factory condition. This is a Browning B25 skeet gun and is marked with skeet and skeet chokes. We have a number of different Browning Shotguns videos so if you would like to view more of our videos please subscribe to our channel where you will find more Browning shotgun reviews.
  5. Aug 21 / 17 / Wingmen
    Wingman Todd Helms shares his experience shooting and hunting with Benelli's 828U over and under shotgun. This gun is light! It's easy to carry in the field and Benelli's one-of-a-kind technology ensures this shotgun can handle the wear and tear of all season use. Helms breaks down all the features of the 828U and explains how you can get a custom fit with a factory shotgun from Benelli. --- Join Wingmen Social Media Facebook:
  6. Aug 21 / 1 / all4shooters English
    We asked Renato Lamera, Dynamic Clay Pigeon Shooting champion, to give us his impressions on the Caesar Guerini Invictus III Ascent Trap over-under. Read the review here:
  7. Aug 20 / 3 / NRApubs
    Get a closer look at the Franchi Instinct LX, the latest addition to our #SundayGunday series. For more information, visit
  8. Jul 03 / 8 / takes the brand new Beretta Silver Pigeon 1 Field out for its first shots, and look a little closer into the differences to the previous generation. was created to promote shooting sports in the UK and covers all disciplines from practical shotgun, gallery rifle and target rifle, right the way through to driven grouse/pheasant /partridge, deer stalking and bid game hunting. We make videos and do reviews on all types of firearms including shotguns, bolt action rifles, underlevers
  9. Jun 27 / 1 / Renaissance Firearms RenArms
    We review a few of the basics in our two best selling target shotguns. Shotguns Beretta Over Under Shotguns Review
  10. Jun 18 / 110 / The Gun Shop
    Today we got to have a quick look over Berettas new Silver Pigeon! what are your thoughts? Podcast:

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