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  1. Sep 26 / 455 / TFB TV
    In this episode of TFBTV, James reviews the brand new Noveske Space Invader. According to SilencerShop (the only place you can pick up this exclusive PCC): Known for their top-end AR platform builds, Noveske Rifleworks adds another impressive product to their line, the Space Invader. Featured as either a pistol or SBR, this custom build performs out-of-this-wor ld. Through thousands of rounds tested, the Space Invader can take the heat, and is said to perform best with round-tip or truncated ammo.
  2. Sep 25 / 2 / Sootch00 Fun Gun Reviews
    Palmetto State Armory PSA GEN4 8 9MM 1:10 7 LIGHTWEIGHT M-LOK MOE SBA3 PISTOL - 5165450029 Originally: $849.99 Sale: $599.99
  3. Sep 25 / Sootch00 Fun Gun Reviews
    Palmetto State Armory PSA SBA4 MOE PISTOL LOWER BUILD KIT, BLACK A high quality lower build kit with everything you need to assemble your AR-15 lower into a pistol. Features Mil-Spec Fire Control Group, Magpul Grip, Magpul Trigger Guard, and black oxide coated hammer and trigger springs. Also includes SB Tactical SBA4 Adjustable Pistol Brace, castle nut, latch plate, carbine buffer spring, 5 positioning mil-spec buffer tube, and standard carbine buffer. Originally: $249.99 Sale: $149.99
  4. Sep 24 / 2 / Buffman - RANGE
    More stupidity and ignorance from companies. eBay removed a nylon pistol mag pouch that's been on eBay for MONTHs. It's NOT anything to do with assault weapons
  5. Sep 23 / Honest Outlaw Reviews
    The runner up cover photo for the @fluxdefense MP17 video, what an awesome little system. #sigsauer #m17 #p320 #trijicon #rmr #surefire #x300 #honestoutlaw #fluxdefense #mp17 #pistolbrace
  6. Sep 22 / 1 / Honest Outlaw Reviews
    My video on the @fluxdefense MP17 brace for the @sigsauerinc M17 and P320 is up go check it out! It's a ton of fun. #flux #defense #brace #sig #m17 #pistol #p320 #honestoutlaw
  7. Sep 21 / 235 / Honest Outlaw
    Want the coolest, smallest, most compact James Bond style PDW on the market without the need for an SBR tax stamp? Well the Flux Defense MP17 turns your standard pistol into is just that. Here is a link to donate to a local shelter in Ames Iowa that could use your support
  8. Sep 20 / 102 / Hegshot87
    In this video I will tell you about the 5 pistols I would not buy again and why. Protect yourself and your family legally and financially! Here's the link to the USCCA
  9. Sep 18 / 7 / Honest Outlaw Reviews
    I picked up a new gun! @sig #m17 #p320 #fde #army #pistol #honestoutlawre views #gunlife
  10. Sep 18 / 465 / TFB TV
    In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves compares perhaps the best pistol brace on the market - the Flux Defense brace for the Glock 17, against the SIG MPX-k. Both of these guns have the same size barrel, but there are a lot of differences. In fact, many say that the pistol with the brace now outperforms the submachinegun or pistol caliber carbine, but is this true? James goes over the pros and cons of each in this episode of TFBTV. Read more at:

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