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  1. Oct 23 / 3 / Dusty Tucker
    in this video i will be showing you my personal review on the 1873 uberti Pietta remake of the colt single action army, hope you enjoy. Handguns Pietta Revolvers Review
  2. Sep 14 / 46 / duelist1954
    In an earlier video I modified an Uberti 1860 Army revolver to fire paper cartridges. After doing the same to a couple of Pietta-made 1860s, I realized there are enough differences to warrant a video dedicated to working on Piettas. So, this video will take you through the process, step by step. If you like this video please subscribe to the channel, and, if you'd like to support the channel, please visit our Patreon page at
  3. May 17 / 55 / BlackPowderShooter 44
    Today I will review one of the oddest cap and ball revolvers being made currently, the Pietta 1851 Navy Buntline. .44 Pietta 1851 and 1860 army and navies are very versatile and can be fitted with several different barrel lengths if you so choose. Small Caliber Firearms Reviews Channel:
  4. Apr 16 / 10 / Western Stage Props
    The 1873 is perhaps the most iconic gun of the Old West. While there are many blank-firing replicas on the market, there are few made to the precision of the Californian 1873 by Pietta of Italy. Featuring a Hammer-forged steel barrel and a heavy-weight walnut grip, these blank-firing guns are made with the same materials and components as Pietta's live-firing guns. Western Stage Props is proud to offer the Californian in 4 3/4 as well as 5 1/2 barrel lengths. The Californian fires .380 rimmed cartridges
  5. Mar 15 / 40 / BlackPowderShooter 44
    #colt1851navy #pietta In todays video we will review the Pietta reproduction of the Colt 1851 Navy in the period incorrect .44 caliber. Follow me on Instagram:
  6. Feb 13 / 16 / Gunscom
    Whether you're a cowboy-action shooter or just fancy yourself a sweet six-shooter, the traditional 1873 single action army design deserves a place in the hearts of gun lovers. While multiple reproductions are already on the market, Traditions long known for black powder guns has put their name on a fine line of Italian-built 1873 wheelgun re-makes. Handguns Pietta Revolvers Review
  7. Feb 04 / 12 / Libertarian Savage
    Handguns Pietta Revolvers Review
  8. Jan 18 / 76 / BlackPowderShooter 44
    In this video we'll be shooting the Colt 1851 navy in the period correct .36 caliber. Follow me on Instagram:
  9. Dec 16 / 28 / BrendanTheGent
    Just thought id show off the new lady in my life lol Prob gonna be banned for this by the gestapo. Help support my dream:
  10. Oct 29 / 117 / hrfunk
    Here is my promised review of the 5.5 Pietta Sheriff's Model version of the Remington New Model Army revolver. In this video I take a look at the features of the Sheriff's model in the shop. Then it's off to the range for some shooting! Handguns Pietta Revolvers Review

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