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  1. Dec 11 / Sootch00 Fun Gun Reviews
    Palmetto State Armory AR-15 Days of Christmas PSA 18 RIFLE-LENGTH 6.5 GRENDEL 1/8 STAINLESS STEEL 15 LIGHTWEIGHT M-LOK STRIKE EAGLE UPPER - WITH BCG & CH - Originally: $699.99 Sale: $649.99 PLUS FREE SHIPPING!
  2. Dec 10 / 25 / Ozzie Reviews
    The no.4 mark 1* 303! Anyone else love these old rifles? Tell us why... #ozziereviews #303rifle #303british
  3. Dec 05 / 2 / Sootch00 Fun Gun Reviews
    Palmetto State Armory AR-15 Days of Shipping! BLEM PSA 16 M4 CARBINE LENGTH 5.56 NATO 1:7 NITRIDE FREEDOM RIFLE KIT - 507617B Originally: $499.99 Sale: $289.99
  4. Dec 05 / 2 / Sootch00 Fun Gun Reviews
    SecureIt Gun Wall / Vault / Armory Kit #1 UP TO 26 RIFLE CAPACITY Originally: $1,059 Sale: $759 It's Cyberweek! Get an additional 10% Off your order when using code: CYBERWEEK at the checkout!
  5. Nov 29 / Sootch00 Fun Gun Reviews
    Palmetto State Armory Black Firday Deals on: -Uppers & Rifle Kits -Lower Receivers -Ammunition -Optics -Build Kits Ar/Ak Parts -Firearms -Magazines -Accessories -Stocking Stuffers Check Out the Deals Before They're Gone!
  6. Nov 27 / Sootch00 Fun Gun Reviews
    Brownells, Inc. Black Rifle Build of Rights starts now! -11% off using code HAA on orders on $49 -12% off Free shipping using code HAB on $49 for Brownells Edge members only Check out all the details in the link!
  7. Nov 27 / Sootch00 Fun Gun Reviews
    Palmetto State Armory Check out the Black Friday deals on UPPERS & RIFLE KITS, free shipping and huge discounts on most items! Get your shopping in today!
  8. Nov 25 / 10 / Sootch00 Fun Gun Reviews
    The Scout Concept was Jeff Coopers dream and the Steyr Scout in .308 Win was his Baby. So versatile yet purposeful. @leatherwoodopt ics 2-7x LER Scope @steyrarms us Steyr Arms USA Leatherwood/Hi- Lux Optics . . . #steyrscout #Steyrarms #Steyr #boltaction #scoutrifle #jeffcooper #308winchester #gunlife #pewpewlife #Sootch00
  9. Nov 04 / 1 / Hornady
    The Wild Boar Fever saga continues with series X, which is available to watch now on Hunters Video / MyOutdoorTV. The new three-part instalment offers viewers more action, more camaraderie and incredible marksmanship don't miss it. For more information, visit: FEVERX #WILDBOARFEVERX #WILDBOARFEVER #MOTV #MYOUTDOORTV #AIMPOINT #SAUER RIFLES #HORNADY #HARKILA #FELIEW #FRANZALBRECHT #BOARHUNTING
  10. Nov 01 / 6 / Ozzie Reviews
    Thanks to a follower of my channel for explaining the possible cause to the safety issue I had with the original Savage A22R in the MDT chassis. Please be aware of it and remember the firearm safety rules at all times! #ozziereviews #savagerifles #nioatv #savagea22r #savagea22 #savage22 #firearmsafety #gunsafety

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