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  1. Nov 05 / Tactical Review
    Tactical Review is now on Facebook: m/TacticalRevie w2019 And Instagram: @tacticalreview 2019 You can help support the channel: /TacticalReview Store of curated affiliate links: Store of curated affiliate links:
  2. Oct 09 / 11 / AmboJoe
    Is the PSA AR15 the best budget AR15 option out there? I think so. Here are my first impressions of my PSA AR Pistol build after 2000 rounds. Follow up video to come after I cross the 5,000 round mark. Palmetto State Armory Upper and Lower Receiver:
  3. Aug 24 / 16 / Uniform Tango 74
    I'm pleased and it's good to go. Handguns Palmetto State Armory Semi Auto Pistols Review
  4. Aug 19 / 50 / Skip's Tactical Solutions
    This week I'm reviewing the Palmetto State Armory 10.5 AR Pistol. I shot at least 500 rounds through this and it ran flawlessly. You can't beat the price for under $600! PLEASE check out our Patreon page if you enjoy this content, and consider helping us at Skip's Tactical Solutions out! All Patrons that donate $10 or more will get a shout out on social media.
  5. Aug 19 / 4 / H Lam
    Legibly $300 AR15 $249.99 on PSA website free shipping under Daily Deals $39 Mag Tac Strip Lower Receiver Handguns Palmetto State Armory Semi Auto Pistols Review
  6. Jul 17 / 20 / Lifestyles of the Locked & Loaded
    Podcast #418 Guests: Palmetto State Armory Hank Strange WMMF Podcast Description: --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- ------- SUBSCRIBE AND HIT NOTIFICATION BELL:
  7. Jul 16 / 85 / Pew Pew Tactical
    The fervor surrounding Federal's .224 Valkyrie's cartridge has fizzled since its initial launch due to inconsistent performance. Does Palmetto State Armory's new 1/6.5 twist barrel fix the issue? Stay tuned and find out! In this video, we'll take a look at PSA's new 1/6.5 twist .224 Valkyrie upper receiver, and compare performance to the old 1/7 twist barrel that supposedly couldn't deliver accurate performance at range. After about 600 rounds, we found that the new .224 Valkyrie barrel performs
  8. Jul 16 / 11 / GrimThreeper1776
    A full review on the PSA 10.5 upper will come in the near future. If you would like support me on Patreon!
  9. Jul 01 / 30 / FirearmPatriot
    Palmetto State Armory has a winner with its new AK-V 9mm pistol based on the Russian Vityaz SN Special Forces Submachine Gun! This blowback design semi-automatic pistol is accurate and easy to shoot. It appears to be well made and ran flawlessly through my testing. The 35 round magazine worked great and at $20.00 a pop will make purchasers happy. This pistol might make an excellent choice for a home defense firearm. Handguns Palmetto State Armory Semi Auto Pistols Review
  10. Jun 11 / 1 / Greg T Watson
    Out of the box defective Palmetto State Armory AR platform pistol. PS9G Handguns Palmetto State Armory Semi Auto Pistols Review

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