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  1. Oct 12 / 6 / SPECTER1887
  2. Oct 04 / 2 / Outdoor Enthusiast Channel
    Full review of the Umarex Legends M712 Blowback Automatic .177 Caliber BB Airgun modeled after the infamous Mauser C96...links below... Deals, Product Links, and More
  3. Sep 01 / 36 / Switchpod
    Mauser M18 accuracy test. A big Thank you to both Orin Fixr and edweiser63 for their comments on the unboxing video. Rifles Mauser Bolt Action Rifles Review
  4. Aug 29 / 79 / Mike B
    Please consider supporting my work, here are several ways to do so: Patreon:
  5. Aug 21 / 16 / Switchpod
    Just a quick unboxing of the new Mauser M18 Rifle. Rifles Mauser Bolt Action Rifles Review
  6. Aug 14 / 19 / Shooting Stuff Australia
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  7. Jul 02 / Andrew Skipp
    This is my L96 bolt action sniper rifle shooting at around 410 fps. if you are looking at this video its because you may want to buy one and want to get an idea what they are like. Look no further. please like the video and join my small group of followers as this will allow me to buy more gun and equity do more bad films. till the next time. thanks for watching Rifles Mauser Bolt Action Rifles Review
  8. Jun 07 / 2 / Aidan Simonov
    Hopefully this will make someone out there have a better day. Sorry it's longer than it needs to be. Rifles Mauser Bolt Action Rifles Review
  9. May 29 / 19 / Switchpod
    The Mauser 90da pistol is an interesting commercial firearm that I had a hard time getting information on. Handguns Mauser Semi Auto Pistols Review
  10. May 26 / pm_sabo0528
    edit: didnt realize there was an editing fail, i meant to put the slow motion shot at the end, but after the accuracy test. i will make sure that the accuracy test is uploaded as soon as possible This bb pistol is blowback, co2 powered with a 19 round detachable magazine, adjustable rear sight, semi-auto only. It does look like there is a slot for a shoulder stock to be attached. Will definitely check to see if that is possible. I got this off eBay for $59.99 straight from pyramid air. Link to the

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