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  1. Nov 03 / boomstick 779
    Review of the Marlin model 782 22 magnum Rifles Marlin Bolt Action Rifles Review
  2. Oct 13 / 2 / boomstick 779
    Review of the Marlin model 80DL 22lr Rifles Marlin Bolt Action Rifles Review
  3. Oct 03 / 4 / NRApubs
    Get a closer look at the Marlin Model 336 Dark Series, the latest addition to our #SundayGunday series. For more information, visit
  4. Sep 09 / 36 / Wolf's Prairie Outdoors
    Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by. In today's video we show you the Marlin 1894 CST. This really is a quality firearm and is a ton of fun to shoot. 1894 Upgrades Playlist:
  5. Aug 23 / 1106 / hickok45
    Comparing a couple of popular and similar lever guns. Yes, this one goes back to when we were still asking people to join the NRA. Marlin 336 Texan video:
  6. Aug 02 / 31 / Shooter's Inc
    Don't forget to LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE! Thanks!! I thought I would post something different. Who doesn't like a lever action rifle?! I love them. One of my friends and I try to get together as often as we can for what we call Lever Action Range Day . We take a few of our lever action rifles out to the range for a morning or afternoon and have fun shooting at steel targets. The instant feedback you get from steel targets is great and very satisfying. I have the Marlin 1984 SBL .44 Magnum
  7. Jul 24 / 305 / Black Bear Outdoors
    In this video we take a look at the Marlin 336C and see if it is still worth buying in 2019 after the rocky start that Remington had with these rifles. #levergun #marlinrifles #3030 #cowboyaction #Marlin #marlin336 #leveraction #3030winchester Rifles Marlin Lever Action Rifles Review
  8. Jul 05 / 24 / The Hungry Handgunner
    My review of one of the most iconic lever action rifles in American history. 30-30 ballistic data can be found here:
  9. Jul 03 / 84 / Impact Guns
    In this video we take a look at some awesome new rifles from the Marlin Custom Shop including the popular new Marlin Modern Lever Hunter series! See all the great custom shop features and watch as we take an 1895 MLH rifle out on the range for some test firing! Find all our links here:
  10. Jun 14 / 184 / KeystoneCarry
    Does the term Tactical Lever Action Rifle make you roll your eyes? Does the thought intrigue you? I remember laughing at the Mossberg 464 and its goofy wannabe AR15 style stock and I never got into that kind of lever gun. Recently I got my hands on this 336 XLR from marlin and all of my preconceptions of tactical lever action rifles has now changed. What I found was a very modern and capable twist to an old school platform. Love it or hate it, I hope the video at least gets your wheels turning. I

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