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  1. Jul 02 / 131 / SmallArmsSolutions
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  2. May 07 / 4 / goretro77
    New 2018 LWRC M6IC-SPR - monoforged upper in Patriot Brown. Scope Mount: American Defense Sling: Using the QD mounts supplied by LWRC - Savvy Sniper 2 point to one point sling in brown color. Scope: Leupold Mark 6 3.5-18x 34mm tube and 44mm Objective Trigger: Stock but Geissele SSAE semi-auto trigger to be installed Rifles LWRC Semi Auto Rifles Review
  3. Mar 10 / 35 / GunsAmerica
    Read the complete review on GunsAmerica.com Rifles LWRC Semi Auto Rifles Review
  4. May 27 / 84 / Concealed Steel
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  5. Oct 02 / 35 / modernpawn
    This video is about LWRC Repr www.modernpawna ndguns.com www.lwrci.com www.griffinarma ment.com Rifles LWRC Semi Auto Rifles Review
  6. May 10 / 66 / Regular Guy Training LLC
    Excited to return to the channel, im glad to say that I have just had the good fortune to test the steel on this rifle. Impacting targets confidently at a thousand yards with a rifle that is good to go right out of the box, makes this an attractive rifle that you should consider if you want a reliable, accurate, and soft shooting .308. Handguns LWRC Semi Auto Pistols Review
  7. Aug 30 / 326 / Military Arms Channel
    We take out a few different rifles including the LWRC REPR, Christensen Arms .338 Lapua and the Desert Tactical SRS Covert to the 1000 yard range. The LWRC REPR is my new semi-auto long range rifle and we find out just what it can do with factory ammo. PLEASE SUPPORT MAC ON PATREON:
  8. Jun 24 / 22 / Martin Gonzalez
    For TheFirearmsChan nel, Chris from Caswells at Mesa, AZ gives us his thoughts on this semi-auto rifle that shoots .223. The M6 comes in several models and with many accessories for the warfighter, law enforcement, professional and civilian shooter Rifles LWRC Semi Auto Rifles Review