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  1. Jan 09 / 33 / FirearmPatriot
    The Kahr CT380 offers a good grip, eight rounds, longer barrel, excellent sights and a great double action trigger for those wanting a .380 which is easy to conceal and shoot. The New Starburst Editions has cerakote tungsten on the slide, three dot tactical sights, a rubber grip sleeve and pinky extension to help make your shooting more accurate and controllable. Handguns Kahr Arms Semi Auto Pistols Review
  2. Dec 08 / 77 / Heavy Metal Guns & Outdoors LLC
    Kahr Arms CT45 Review & Shoot Website
  3. Dec 30 / 3 / all4shooters English
    You will find the the review of the subcompact pocket pistols Kahr K9 and PM45 can here:
  4. Oct 04 / 31 / USCCA
    Welcome to the USCCA's Gun Vault. Today Kevin will be doing a dual review with the single stack Kahr Arms CM9 Pistol, using the Federal American Eagle Syntech ammunition. Watch how this pistol handles the polymer jacketed round. Subscribe to the #1 publication for Responsibly Armed Americans -
  5. Aug 22 / 17 / ANR Design LLC
    KAHR Arms CW40 is a decent little Sub Compact. If you're into the 40 caliber Smith & Wesson cartridge and you want a firearm that conceals fantastically. This could be the gun for you. There are a lot of Pros with this gun but our biggest con is the trigger. Website https://www.ale xandryandesign. com YouTube
  6. Mar 16 / 40 / GunLovinTexan
    quick and informative overview of the kahr cw380 Handguns Kahr Arms Semi Auto Pistols Review
  7. Nov 17 / all4shooters English
    New for 2014 at the SHOT Show, Kahr Arms introduces two new full-size, polymer frame, lightweight semi-automatic pistols, chambered in .40 Smith & Wesson and .45 ACP respectively, conceived for defensive carry.
  8. Jun 29 / 177 / Mrgunsngear Channel
    Unfortunately this is a Part 1 video because I can't finish the review as the gun has had reliability issues since day one. Let's hope it comes back functioning as it should. Mrgunsngear Shirt link:
  9. Mar 22 / 280 / sootch00
    Fun Gun Reviews Presents:The Kahr Arms CW45 Pistol Review. Kahr has been making a high quality line of Concealable Carry pistols for a number of years and their compact design is legendary. The CW series pistols are easier on the Billfold yet still retain the Kahr Quality. Thanks for watching~ Sootch00 Music: Confident Rock Pond 5 Royalty free music Handguns Kahr Arms Semi Auto Pistols Review
  10. Apr 30 / 2 / myphotopick
    video shows kahr p380 pistol semi-auto 6 1 magazine 2.2 inch barrel. Handguns Kahr Arms Semi Auto Pistols Review