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  1. Aug 20 / 12 / G4 Outdoors
    Welcome to G4 OUTDOORS - Click the Subscribe Button and Click the BELL For Notifications! For Product Test/Review Inquiry or Collaberations Please Eamil us at G4outdoors@yaho o.com Follow on Social Media InstaGram -
  2. Aug 09 / 9 / The Blind Sniper
    Originally a budget shotgun sold by Sears when they were around, this old girl might be my preferred shotgun. I've always preferred bolt actions over pump actions, and this shotgun cycles far better than I expected. Patreon:
  3. Jun 03 / 29 / Devin K.
    This is on the very first firearm both me and my dad ever had and that is a 1950's produced for sears and Roebuck jc Higgins model 30. They made other firearms for the sears catalog as well as bicycles. This a neat old 22 with some weird features you don't see to much anymore or ever and thought I would share it with you. Hopefully you like this video and subscribe if you like this sort of stuff. Please keep comments on topic. Please leave a comment with any questions, additional information, user
  4. May 29 / 4 / TheKoba49
  5. Apr 29 / Mr.random Review guy
    This thing has taken quite a bit of work To have. It shoot and extract but she shoots like a dream now it's missing the Shell lifter But other than that completely original and in good shape now Rifles J.C. Higgins Bolt Action Rifles Review
  6. Mar 10 / 3 / The Pumpkin swamp Gunsmith
    This is a review of The Jc Higgins model 31 brought to you by Octagon Tactical. Please like, share and subscribe to my channel. Also like Octagon Tactical on Facebook.
  7. Feb 03 / 6 / BigDWest 95
    Handguns J.C. Higgins Revolvers Review
  8. Jan 01 / 16 / Alloy 2/11
    A viewer requested further disassembly of the J.C. Higgins Mld. 60. Rifles J.C. Higgins Bolt Action Rifles Review
  9. Dec 11 / 7 / Minimalist Moto Life
    Cleaned a few years of dust off this old tack driver with a nice trigger but an accurate rifle will never make up for being impatient, unfocused and neglecting the fundamentals. When you do your part this rifle shoots MOPDH(Minute Of Prairie Dog Head) to 75yd all day long. Video brings up a good lesson in shooting, if you get too content with weapon familiarity you begin the ignore fundamentals. in this case I am more accustomed to a 5 lb single action trigger and a more stable front heavy rifle
  10. Apr 22 / 1 / Zombie Gaming
    Fun at the range. Handguns J.C. Higgins Revolvers Review

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