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  1. Oct 23 / 44 / GunCollector007
    Thanks for watching My videos, please like, share & subscribe! Support This Channel
  2. Jul 02 / 4 / Bear & Jer's Adventures
    We were checking out the used cabinet at our local Cabela's and could not pass up this little revolver. It is an Iver Johnson Cadet 55S-A in 22 Magnum. It is in good condition and shoots okay. The only issue we have found is the loose loading gate. Here is a discription and review of this revolver, Thank you for watching. Handguns Iver Johnson Revolvers Review
  3. May 11 / Nick Torres
    This is my early 1900's model Iver Johns arms & cycle works .22 long 7 shot its fun fun love to shoot I am a little new to making videos for review and guns and fishing so bear with me I'll get better as it goes! And I have a new camera coming Handguns Iver Johnson Revolvers Review
  4. May 05 / 1 / Mcgiiver L
    This is a about shooting the Iver Johnson American Bull Dog revolver in .32 Smith & Wesson with various loads. The different powders used exhibit quite different results in terms of muzzle flash and blast. Since the cartridge is of relatively low velocity, you can see the actual bullet flight in the videos. Handguns Iver Johnson Revolvers Review
  5. Apr 11 / 111 / Icarryone
    Today, we'll take another look at the Iver Johnson 1911A1 Carbine - and discuss some of the modifications and improvements I've made. DYI 1911 Performance Enhancements:
  6. Mar 21 / 6 / R-TAC & Daughter's
    Table top review Handguns Iver Johnson Revolvers Review
  7. Feb 28 / 5 / Fix It, Jim!
    We have the second gun to work on while waiting for parts for the first one! Watch as I try to rebuild an old Iver Johnson Hammerless 32 Revolver for my cousin. Handguns Iver Johnson Revolvers Review
  8. Jan 04 / 9 / Drag Race Network
    Iver Johnson TP22 pocket pistol Disassembly and Cleaning Basic field strip of the gun and cleaning/oiling . Always take safety precautions when handling. Thank you for watching, subscribe for more videos. Have a nice day M&P Shield disassembly:
  9. Dec 07 / 5 / The Pumpkin swamp Gunsmith
    This is a review of our iver johnson safety automatic 38 S&W brought to you by Octagon Tactical. Please like, share and subscribe to my channel. Also like Octagon Tactical on Facebook.
  10. Nov 17 / 129 / Icarryone
    Today we will be revisiting the Iver Johnson Eagle XL chambered in 10mm. 1911 Performance Enhancements:

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