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  1. Apr 25 / 1 / Loe
    Tiro a diana a 60 yardas porfavor si quieren un review completo en espa ol commentary abajo en la caja de comentarios Rifles Ithaca Lever Action Rifles Review
  2. Aug 15 / Fine Guns
    Purchase Fine Guns: Volume I -
  3. Apr 17 / devieste Driver
    New Ithaca Gun (NIG) design. 37,xxx serial # dates it to 1899 very rare 16 gauge,Grade A., 32 .fluid steel twist..(rare) double barrel double hammer. I cannot find an ithaca 16 grade A older than this one! Could this be the oldest out there? Very difficult to know the value, Nothing to compare it to. I have reached out to a few specialist and none can offer any more info than what you see here.Special order 16 ga. 32 ..all others are 30 and only 12s & 10s offers that year.. FOR SALE!. You will not
  4. Mar 09 / 32 / USOG
    Review of the Ithaca 4E shotgun
  5. Jan 26 / 47 / USOG
    Quick review of a very fine semi-auto shotgun.
  6. Oct 08 / 49 / Urban Airgunner
    #AvanyLink Rimfire of my childhood #2 This is a quick look at one of my five rimfires of my child hood the ITHACA M49 single shot .22 Production was from 1960-1978 with an estimated 500,00 made. The gun sold for $ 20.00 or less it was a cheaply made gun that was almost considered a throw away gun as most of them did not last very long. This belonged to my dad and it is priceless to me. Share your story in the comments below. Thank you for watching. Rifles Ithaca Lever Action Rifles Review
  7. Apr 23 / 14 / MICHAEL WAYNE
    straight shooting little 1950's 22 rifle. that shoots short, long ,long rifle Rifles Ithaca Lever Action Rifles Review
  8. May 20 / 34 / GunGuyTV
    This little Ithaca Model 49 is the wonderful lever action single shot .22 rifle my dad gave me when I was a boy. Maybe you had one like it. In this video I show you the gun, how it works and how it shoots. Single shot .22 rifles are a great way for kids to learn firearms safety and how to shoot at a young age. This little gun worked for me and for my son. Watch GunGuyTV on DailyMotion:
  9. Feb 13 / 9 / ALittleBitofEverything
    In this video I go over all the important specs of this gun, covering all the details that will help you make a decision in buying the 12 gauge Ithaca Flues. Shooting Glove -
  10. Feb 11 / 13 / ALittleBitofEverything
    In this video I go over the price of the 12 Gauge Ithaca Flues and the most important fact you need to know about this gun, which is it cannot shoot modern ammunition. Watch the video to find out why. Shotguns Ithaca Side By Side Shotguns Review

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