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  1. Oct 07 / Santaroga Surplus
    108 at the range and a preview of the upcoming .22 revolver series. For whatever reason, the market for decent inexpensive .22 revolvers seems to be left unfilled right now. In this series we do an overview of some of the used market revolvers suitable for field use. Support me! I need ammo! Currently that means paypal or patreon. Patreon! Hey, support me on Patreon, subscribe to my channel, do all the stuff to make it possible for me to go through and do these videos for more firearms. I realize
  2. Dec 25 / 20 / John1911 Gun Blog
    SHS 36 - Hi-Standard Model B What we have here is a Pre-WWII sporting handgun chambered in 22LR. The Hi-Standard Model B. Production was shutdown during the war to make room for defense related items. Make: Hi-Standard. Model: Model B Caliber: 22LR. Action: Semi-Auto - Blow-back. Date of manufacture: 1940-41. Magazine: One. Magazine Capacity: 10? Magazine Release: Heel Type. Finish: Fair. Appropriate with age. If you wish to contact this FFL about this pistol, please visit www.John1911.co m Sincerely,
  3. Dec 12 / 3 / esquad 540
  4. Oct 11 / 8 / Buffaque 32
    Here's one of the older members of the Buffaque firearm collection. Purchased by my grandfather at a local grocery store in 1957 for $30, the little Hi-Standard Sentinel R-100 has stood up well. A funny little family story is featured towards the end of the vid as well. Enjoy! Handguns Hi Standard Revolvers Review
  5. Aug 12 / 41 / Uncle Jim
    X Handguns Hi Standard Revolvers Review
  6. Nov 14 / 7 / webster7710
    My Grandfather didn't have a large gun collection, but he had his bases covered. He left me his revolver when he passed away and sometimes it's nice to get the family out to shoot it and have some fun. The double action pull is heavy but smooth, single action is very nice. Keep watching till the end for an example of typical accuracy. Handguns Hi Standard Revolvers Review
  7. Aug 21 / 189 / mixup98
    High Standard made some of the best .22 pistols in the world and today we shoot a classic model. Potatoes and water bottles are no match for this fine firearm. Handguns Hi Standard Revolvers Review
  8. Jan 02 / 7 / FightNGear Holsters
    Just a quick video on the bargain .22LR revolver I picked up at my favorite pawn shop. Handguns Hi Standard Revolvers Review
  9. Jul 29 / 8 / FILTHYRICH
    FilthyRich and T-kron take a well overdue trip to the Handgun Range to blast the Smith & Wesson M&P 9 mm Semi-Auto handgun AND the Hi-Standard .22 cal Revolver. LOTS OF SHOOTING!! Fun times Handguns Hi Standard Revolvers Review
  10. Jul 24 / 22 / FILTHYRICH
    FilthyRich presents the Hi-Standard Sentinel R-101 nickel plated .22 cal revolver. A nice little plinker in the original box from around 1960 !! SHOOTING VIDS SOON ! I've been on midnights for 2 weeks and not alot of time or motivation to go out to make interesting videos. STAY TUNED! I've got some funny shit planned for future vids. Handguns Hi Standard Revolvers Review

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