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  1. Jul 29 / 55 / RealGuysReviews
    This is a review of the under $200 Heritage Arms Rough Rider Small Bore .22 caliber revolver. It is known to many as the Heritage Arms Single Six after the famous Colt Army and Ruger Single Six. I WANT TO THANK ALL OF YOU, the loyal subscribers, for sticking with me the last several years as unforeseen issues made it impossible for me to work on the videos. However, as Arnold said, I'm back, and I look forward in producing some really neat videos for you to enjoy and maybe even gain a little extra
  2. Mar 05 / cobalt flame
    Handguns Heritage Arms Revolvers Review
  3. Feb 04 / 2 / Kerr Outdoors
    Heritage Arms Pistol. Heritage Arms 22Lr Pistol. 22 Revolver. This is a review of the Heritage Arms 22Lr Pistol. I have used this particular pistol many times. It has fixed non adjustable sights. It is a single action pistol. It has interchangeable cylinders and can fire both 22 Mag and 22 Lr cartridegs. I have used this primarily for rabbit hunting and have taken well over 30 Jack Rabbits with this particular pistol. It is a value priced pistol that is very cost effective and surprisingly accurate.
  4. Jul 09 / Mods & Reviews
    Heritage Arms Rough Rider Review The Heritage Rough Rider 22 is a single action revolver like many iconic revolvers of the old west. A six shooter that means business and leaves little to the imagination as the sound is very quiet but the results can be very devastating. For a more comprehensive review on this product please visit
  5. Jun 02 / BlackSheep
    The Heritage arms rough rider 22lr 22mag. six shooter review This is my wife's gun. Her second handgun ever. She is a new shooter. This is video 7 in a daily video for 30 days challenge. Thanks for watching.
  6. Jan 25 / drush5864
    My review of the rough rider 22lr revolver in 4.75 and 6.5 inch barrels I plan on doing a update on these later on as I learn more and shoot them more Handguns Heritage Arms Revolvers Review
  7. Feb 29 / 24 / Midland Outdoors
  8. Jan 26 / 67 / BATJAC J.W
    A close up in high definition of the heritage arms rough rider 22 lr 22 magnum combo revolver. need reloading components
  9. Jun 11 / 10 / MuzzleBlast
    Father's day gift for my dad for him to beat around with and use to shoot snakes cuz they r awful in tn right now. Fit and finish is great for 200 dollar gun Handguns Heritage Arms Revolvers Review
  10. Nov 19 / NortheastOhioOutdoors
    Handguns Heritage Arms Revolvers Review

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