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  1. Jun 20 / 185 / frontier.setter
    The civilian MP5k. Yup. SONG: Kimagure Orange Road - Kimi to Island cafe Always remember to stay tactically kawaii! Join the Weeb Dynasty today... Discord: RealFunClub (
  2. Apr 08 / 7 / Impact Guns
    Today we are taking a look at the new SP5K pistol from HK. The SP5K pistol is a civilian legal, semi-automatic version of the famous Heckler and Koch MP5K. Wether you are a hardcore HK collector, or just looking for an awesome new range toy, the HK SP5K makes a great addition to any collection! Check out all of our links here:
  3. Apr 08 / Airguns Review Pakistan
    Since making its debut in 1993, Heckler & Kochs Universal Selfloading Pistol has gone through considerable development, and it is now widely used as a service pistol by the police and armed forces. This replica 's rugged design and reliability make it interesting to collectors and shooters alike. CO2 non-blowback operation and metal slide were chosen for this pistol, giving the shooter a system with superior accuracy and a higher number of shots by utilizing the gas more efficiently. Caliber 6 mm
  4. Mar 28 / 1800GunsAndAmmo
    This is a teaser video for the full review at:
  5. Dec 12 / 56 / DEMCAD
    My thoughts on why the HK USP 45 Tactical is the greatest 45 ACP pistol ever made and why I don't like small pistols. Handguns Heckler & Koch Semi Auto Pistols Review
  6. Nov 20 / Varna Hunting
    We were really surprised from this carabine of Heckler and Koch model SLB 2000 in caliber .308 but not let us get distracted and focus on the pros and cons of the gun. Pros: - very easy to stock, in the moment you pick it up at any angle almost instantaneously the aiming sights align with your eye; - the best balanced semi-auto groved barrel gun we've ever encountered; - smoth trigger with sensible short move; - bolt locking in rear position after the last round is fired and nice release button after
  7. Nov 15 / 33 / Brownells, Inc.
    This week's Brownells new products overview is all about the HK416 rifle kits and parts. Paul Levy explains what the main HK416 parts kit contains, then covers the three additional components you'll need to turn the kit into a complete, semi-auto rifle that's ready to hit the range. These include the BRN-4 lower receiver that replicates in exact detail an original HK416 lower, a domestically manufactured bolt, and a barrel with the correct HK416 contour. There's also a special tool for tightening
  8. Oct 14 / 4 / Sasquatch Mountain Project
  9. Aug 14 / 502 / Colion Noir
    HK45 Tactical Review for Home Defense
  10. Aug 10 / 6 / Berlin Guns & more By Maik Freitag
    Review KWA 2018 NEUEHEIT Handguns Heckler & Koch Revolvers Review

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