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  1. Jun 28 / 3 / Nou Noú Nico’s Zylmex Toys
    Hello People!!! Today we review the Harrington & Richardson Mod HK4 9mm Handgun. Very unique disassembly process. Make it a Great Day!!! Handguns Harrington & Richardson Revolvers Review
  2. Jan 20 / 6 / LeadDennis
    Close up video of an old Harrington and Richardson automatic revolver. Handguns Harrington & Richardson Revolvers Review
  3. Nov 22 / 39 / sturny3698
    This video explains the disassembly and reassembly of the Harrington & Richardson .32 S&W Top-Break Revolver. There are many top-break revolvers that use similar designs. Hopefully this helps anyone planning to field strip their own. Handguns Harrington & Richardson Revolvers Review
  4. Nov 13 / 1 / Scrooge McDuck 22
    Fun Guns #8: H & R 970 Harrington & Richardson Starter Pistol 22 Handguns Harrington & Richardson Revolvers Review
  5. Nov 06 / 10 / Jeremy Pruitt
    Cleaning of my H&R model 922 manufactured in 1954. I have the original instruction manual for this gun. If anyone would like a PDF copy of it, please let me know. I used an AR15 cleaning kit, but any .22 caliber kit will work. Firearms in this series will be: H&R Model 922 Ar15 - 16 Beretta 92FS AR15 - 20 Mossberg 802 Plinkster SKS - Yugo Mossberg 702 Plinkster Handguns Harrington & Richardson Revolvers Review
  6. Sep 30 / 55 / Imminent Threat Defense
    A classic American revolver from the 1800's. This is a detailed disassembly and assembly of a first generation 5 shot chambered in 38 S&W. Similar to many other H&R revolvers of the time including the H&R Bulldog Handguns Harrington & Richardson Revolvers Review
  7. Aug 18 / 2 / Doby Pilgrim
    This Premier .22 Topbreak turned out to be a good shooting handgun. Loads of fun, as long as standard velocity and pressure ammunition. The holster turned out to be a great find for it. Handguns Harrington & Richardson Revolvers Review
  8. Aug 10 / 5 / Doby Pilgrim
    Shooting with one hand at that spent shotgun shell while holding a cell phone in the other - well it was close but no cigar. After turning off the phone camera it did much better for me with two hands. That tiny rear sight on the latch isn't the best one in the world. I started regularly hitting them at 10-20 feet. Tin cans are another matter. Those are good targets out to about 30-35 feet. It was designed as a cheap and small carry gun in its day. For that purpose, I think it was just fine. The
  9. Aug 05 / 13 / Rusty Guns
    Quick look at my next project the Harrington & Richardson model 922 Handguns Harrington & Richardson Revolvers Review
  10. Apr 25 / RAT Worx USA
    Here at RatWorx we had in interesting find come through the door recently. This is the Harrington & Richardson Reising Model 60 .45 ACP Semi-Auto rifle. Some of us haven't seen one of these in 30 years and most have never even seen one in person at all. This is a nice shooter as you can see in the video it really throws them out there. This is a real nice WWII rifle, and it functions very well. We will be auctioning this rifle off at Gunbroker.com come have a look This auction has ended it was sold...thanks

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