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  1. Mar 30
    Great price on the FNS-9C from Arms Unlimited. This has been in my EDC rotation since I reviewed it quite some time ago: This one doesn't seem to have night sights though.
  2. Jan 22 / 489 / TFB TV
    Brannon LeBouef, from #NOLATAC, interviewed the crew at KelTec for #TFBTV at both the #rangeday booth and their floor booth. They had two main new products, the .22lr semi-auto pistol, the P17, and a new version of their very popular SUB2000 line, the CQB which stands for Carbine Quiet barrel, because it is integrally suppressed. When we were waiting at range day to shoot the guns, we saw them shooting the SUB2K CQB, and honestly thought it was a .22LR it was that quiet. Another cool feature is how
  3. Nov 15 / Tiberious Gib
    My review of the Sig Sauer P365, a definite game changer to the concealed carry market. This micro compact striker fired pistol holds 10 1 with the standard flush fitting magazine and Sig offers 12 & 15 round magazines. M2 Tactical Solutions holster / Discount Code TIBERIOUS
  4. Nov 13 / 67 / 2a Edu
    My initial thoughts and unboxing of my Taurus G2S 9mm pistol. Check out my Taurus playlist for more G2C, G3 vids. Spectrum .380 and more G2S videos coming soon.
  5. Nov 11 / Random Watch
    Subscribe For Random Videos Handguns Taurus Semi Auto Pistols Review
  6. Nov 10 / 22 / DC CHANNEL GUNS
  7. Nov 10 / 24 / J Tgunnergurl85
    Finally get my hands on the new compact Taurus G3! Handguns Taurus Semi Auto Pistols Review
  8. Oct 25 / 16 / ppdangler
    In depth review and shooting of the Umarex Glock 17 Gen 3 co2 BB pistol with blowback TrueCanadianAir guns:
  9. Oct 24 / 50 / Replica Airguns
    Make sure to come and visit our full website with tons of Airgun information and photos over at: www.replicaairg uns.com Type: Blowback CO2 BB Pistol. Manufacturer: Distributed by Umarex. Model: Glock 19X. Materials: Metal & Polymer. Weight: 1.5 pounds (662 grams). Barrel: Smooth bore 3.36 inch barrel (85.3mm). Propulsion: CO2 x 1. Action: Semi auto blowback, double action only trigger. Ammunition Type: 4.5mm steel BB's. Ammunition Capacity: 18 round drop out full size metal magazine. FPS: Claimed
  10. Oct 23 / 557 / sootch00
    Taurus G3 Pistol has stepped up their game with the G2C and now the full size G3. Big Thanks to Big Daddy Unlimited for Sending the G3. FaceBook LIve Every Tuesday at 2:00 PM EST:

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