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  1. Feb 11 / 12 / Royal Range USA
    A review of IWI's Galil Ace Pistol in 5.56, turned into a machinegun! With the help of the Midwest Industries' Ace pistol length handguard, this rifle is a ton of fun and easy to control. If you are in Nashville Tn, come rent this machinegun and experience it for yourself! Royal Range USA in Nashville, Tennessee is one of the Southeast's premier firearms, & tactical training destinations. Opening at 10am each morning and closing at 8pm 7 days a week, Royal Range USA treats its customers to an amazing
  2. May 09 / 45 / Max Cherepenin
    Hope you guys enjoy the in-depth review of this awesome rifle! Rifles Galil Semi Auto Rifles Review
  3. Oct 10 / 91 / Mishaco
    Today, we talk about and shoot the Vektor LM5 carbine. The LM5 is the semi-auto only version of the R5, which itself is South Africa's version of Israel's Galil SAR assault carbine. We discuss the development and service history of not only the R5, but also the R4 and touch briefly upon the R6 also. Visit http://ozarkbea rarms.blogspot. com to read range reports and more articles on other firearms and accessories. Rifles Galil Semi Auto Rifles Review
  4. Sep 02 / 395 / nutnfancy
    Should you buy a quality AK variant rifle or the IWI ACE Galil? Here you'll see the testing results of the 7.62x39mm Model GAR1639. The rifle is made in different variations in .308, .22, and 7.62x39mm variations shown here . The design is an improvement on the original Galil design, based on the AK and Finnish Valmet RK 62, and promises lighter weight, accuracy, and absolute reliability. We'll show you how it delivered on those fronts through multiple outings in the desert. To many the ACE represents
  5. Jul 22 / 21 / Chuke's Outdoor Adventures
    Chuke discusses the case for using semi-automatic tactical rifles for hunting in Alaska, and then reviews the IWI Galil ACE AK-47 varient with a Primary Arms 1-8 Scope with the patented ACSS Reticle. Woohoo! Rifles Galil Semi Auto Rifles Review
  6. Dec 30 / 1017 / Vickers Tactical
    Check out my new video on the Galil Ace Assault Rifle. Make sure you subscribe, and share the video if you liked it! Thanks for watching! Click here to subscribe:
  7. Aug 19 / 1049 / TFB TV
    The IWI Galil ACE by IWI is the successor to the classic Israeli Galil that was itself an upgraded Kalashnikov. But is this new design worthy of the name Galil, a rifle that we here at TFB love? Can it redeem the good name of IWI after the Tavor, Uzi Pro, and X95? Well these questions can be answered by an 810 round reliability test and review. Many THANKS to: Ventura Munitions:
  8. Jun 29 / 749 / Military Arms Channel
  9. Jan 30 / 1 / ZWATxTeam
    Lt. Lions went very in depth with his review of the Galil battle rifle. This is to hopefully help you guys chose a rifle to use to fight off the zombie horde come Z-day Rifles Galil Semi Auto Rifles Review
  10. Jan 16 / 3 / StickShift1605
    How to retro fit Rifles Galil Semi Auto Rifles Review