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  1. Jul 07 / 75 / AtlanticFirearms
    Franklin Armory CA7 Pistol is a California Handgun Roster approved firearm. This bolt action pistol is perfect for those who want the AR15 style pistol in the state of CA. It features a 7.5 medium contour barrel, 1:9 twist, 7 free float handguard, salt bath nitride finished bolt carrier group and chambered in 5.56 NATO or .223. There is no gas system so you will manually activate the charging handle after each round fired thus complying with current CA regulations. These are built with a standard
  2. Jan 29 / The Range St. Louis West
    Chris gets to check out the new Providence non-semi-auto rifle from Franklin Armory with the new Digital Action manually functioned trigger. This new design ejects, loads, and fires a round all in one trigger stroke. We also get to look at their new-ish AK Binary Trigger, CZ Scorpion Binary trigger, HK Binary trigger, ACR Binary Trigger, and B&T complete firearm that includes their binary trigger. For more information check out www.TheRangeSTL .com Rifles Franklin Armory Semi Auto Rifles Review
  3. Jan 25 / 1 / Las Vegas Review-Journal
    Brandon Dunham of Nevada-based Franklin Armory shows off the company's new rifle prototype it calls a 'non semi-automatic' weapon. The gun does not use a gas system to fire. Rifles Franklin Armory Semi Auto Rifles Review
  4. Jan 22 / 75 / Tennessee Silencer
    Rifles Franklin Armory Semi Auto Rifles Review
  5. Jan 19 / 159 / GunGuyTV
    Franklin Armory sent me a CA7 AR pistol to review. Although it is certainly not ideal, since it is not semi-automatic, it is a great design for folks in restrictive states like California. Additionally, it has been approved for the California handgun roster. That's a big deal. Check it out. Visit my website at
  6. Dec 31 / 81 / GunGuyTV
    It was to take a trip to Yuma Arizona and try a Binary Trigger Rifle from Franklin Armory. Franklin Armory was kind enough to ship the riffle to Sprague's Sports in Yuma so that I could check it out. I was very impressed. It is an excellent trigger system that allows rapid fire semi-automatic functioning that is crisp and very controllable. If I could own one in California, I would. Visit my website at
  7. Nov 30 / 2 / NRApubs
    Get a closer look at the Franklin Armory F17-L, the latest addition to our #SundayGunday series. For more information, go to AmericanHunter. org. Rifles Franklin Armory Semi Auto Rifles Review
  8. Sep 26 / 77 / Carolina EDC reviews
    Use code 'CAROLINAEDC' for 10% off at franklin armory! Today we are looking at the FRANKLIN ARMORY SYSTEMS, the BFS III CZ-C1 binary trigger for the CZ scorpion Evo 3 S1. This a simple drop in trigger pack system that gives you the feel or slode to the full auto subcompact weapon. This a great trigger to take out to the range and have fun sending freedom seeds down the range. It also still gives you the capabilty to shot semi-auto as originally from the factory trigger. (yes I know I had a discharge
  9. Jan 26 / 604 / Honest Outlaw
    Donate to a local shelter in Iowa that could use your support
  10. May 20 / 54 / GunGuyTV
    Franklin Armory sent me their new F-17 WSM AR for review. It's a great rifle that is extremely accurate, very well made and completely California legal. A terrific combination. Visit my website at

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