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  1. Nov 13 / all4hunters English
    Designed for American hunters, the Dea SLX is a classic Fausti side-by-side shotgun solid yet handy at the same time. We tested it during hunting quails and partridges in the hills. Read our review here:
  2. Sep 28 / all4shooters English
    A training afternoon on the sporting clays course with the Fausti SLX Magnificent over-under in 28 gauge. Read our review here:
  3. Mar 28 / all4hunters English
    A day of woodcock hunting with two classic shotguns dedicated by Fausti to forest and woodcock lovers, the Dea SL side-by-side and the 28 gauge Class SL over-under. These limited series guns are quite refined and exclusive, being specially designed for hunting the 'queen of the woods'. We want to replay with you the emotions of an autumn afternoon spent on the Small Dolomites, in Italy, in search of the first woodcock of the hunting season with the pleasure of testing in the field the Dea SL side-by-side
  4. Jan 18 / 1 / all4hunters English
    We tested the Fausti Class RDX over-under shotgun hunting partridges and grouses in the Italian Apennines. Enjoy the video and read more here:
  5. Nov 15 / 1 / all4hunters English
    We are introducing here the Fausti Class RDX over/under in 20 gauge Silver version. Read more:
  6. Sep 05 / all4hunters English
    We went quail-hunting in Bosnia Herzegovina with the 28 gauge Dea Luxury side-by-side shotgun. Read the review here:
  7. Jun 26 / all4shooters English
    Fausti shotguns are designed to offer hunters and shooters guns with precise and reliable mechanical characteristics , in an extremely elegant design ..read more here
  8. Mar 10 / all4shooters English
    Read more here:
  9. Mar 01 / all4shooters English
    Read more here:
  10. Dec 15 / 3 / all4hunters English
    The Fausti Class SL over/under: designed specifically for all those hunters who love to hunt woodcock or walked-up game shooting with their dogs...read more here:

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