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  1. Aug 06 / 2 / SnowLothar
    Tabletop look at a great handling single action army, the EMF Great Western Alchimista II Deluxe in 45 Colt. Handguns EMF Revolvers Review
  2. Jan 16 / 13 / TFB TV
    Early & Modern Firearms is a successful reproduction producing company that specializes in guns common among Wild West historical lore. Specifically the company provides a number of firearms for the reproduction market used within the Single Action Shooting Society, or other Cowboy Action Shooting sports. New for 2017 is the El Camisa Three, filmed with the company's Deluxe Model. In addition the company is importing the Kronos, a semi-automatic .30-06 design from Pietta in Italy. Many THANKS to:
  3. Oct 02 / 78 / duelist1954
    E.M.F.' Deluxe Alchimista III sixgun is both beautiful and functional. It was made to give shooters with large hands a more comfortable secure grip, but it is outstanding for one-handed shooting, regardless of how big your hands might be. And the two-tone finish, combined with extensive laser engraving, makes it pretty easy on the eyes. Handguns EMF Revolvers Review
  4. Apr 15 / 52 / BLACKIE THOMAS
    unboxing a EMF HARTFORD MODEL 1861 NAVY..this will begin a series on colt style percussion revolvers Handguns EMF Revolvers Review
  5. Oct 24 / 45 / 1957Shep
    The EMF 1875 Outlaw revolver is a copy of the 1875 Remington revolver. Produced by Uberti in Italy and imported by EMF. They are made in several different calibers with either a 5 1/2 inch barrel or the 7 1/2 inch barrel. This one has the 5 1/2 inch barrel and chambered for 357 Magnum. To see a shooting video of this gun follow the link below.
  6. Sep 10 / culasakie
    EMF Pony Express Stainless Express Grips .45 Colt Revolver - Photos emf port barcares 2014 emf power lines emf pony express 45 emf pony express .45 acp emf port barcares emf pollution emf great western pony express emf pony express carbine emf pony express emf pony express review Handguns EMF Revolvers Review
  7. Sep 01 / cenaiva
    EMF Californian, Standard Grip .45 Colt Revolver - Pictures emf children emf great western californian emf protection emf detector emf californian review emf unbelievable remix emf californian emf californian revolver review emf audio emf unbelievable lyrics emf unbelievable official video Handguns EMF Revolvers Review
  8. May 16 / 78 / duelist1954
    E.M.F.'s Pietta-built Pony Express Single Action revolver was originally offered in .45 Colt for Cowboy mounted shooters, but the new .357 Mag/.38 Special version is clearly intended for ground-based cowboy action shooters. Handguns EMF Revolvers Review
  9. Sep 22 / 348 / duelist1954
    Almost as soon as the .44 caliber 1860 Army revolver arrived on the scene, people were cutting the eight-inch barrel down for better concealment. These guns were called belly guns back in the 19th century, but today we call them snub nose revolvers. In this video we'll shoot a new snub nose version of the 1860 Army revolver made by Pietta in Italy and imported into the USA by E.M.F.. Handguns EMF Revolvers Review
  10. May 01 / 6 / JebEastwood
    Review of an EMF Great Western 2 Californian Handguns EMF Revolvers Review

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