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  1. Feb 05 / 14 / Survival On Purpose
    Since I'm testing the CMMG Resolute 200 series rifle, I thought you might want to see the differences between the 100, 200 and 300 series models. So We stopped by the CMMG booth at SHOT Show to take a look. Check out our sponsors and help support the channel: Sportsman's Guide:
  2. Oct 05 / 27 / The Social Regressive
    For six months the CMMG Mk3 DTR2 has drawn me deeper into an exhaustive testing regimen. This uber-AR10 conquered all of the challenges I attempted, from speed challenges to long range target work to hunting, establishing itself as the benchmark semiautomatic rifle, and possibly the most accurate AR 10 on the market. Rifle Equipment List: 1. CMMG Mk3 DTR2 (CMMG Endeavor 300) in 6.5 Creedmoor 2. Bushnell HDMR II FFP Rifle Scope:
  3. Jul 23 / 10 / RACKNLOAD
    Like the channel? Help support it here-
  4. Apr 26 / 1 / GrandViewOutdoors
    Predator Extreme editor Mark Olis recently got a first-hand look at CMMG's newest toys: The BANSHEE line of short-barreled rifles (SBRs) outfitted with the company's DefCan suppressors. He ran a bunch of ammo through the MK4 BANSHEE 300BLK with DefCan 3Ti suppressor and the MK4 BANSHEE .22LR with DefCan 22. Both outfits were accurate, easy handling and a blast to shoot. Read more at: Rifles CMMG Semi Auto Rifles Review
  5. Apr 05 / 219 / sootch00
    The CMMG Mk4 DTR .224 Valkyrie Rifle. Maintaining Supersonic Speed past 1300 yards, this is a caliber to check out for long range precision shooting. Leupold VX-3i LRP 6.5-20x from Opticsplanet get 5% off with Sootch00 discount. Thanks to CMMG and Federal Premium! Also thanks to Robbie Wheaton at Wheaton Arms. Foam Action Sports:
  6. Mar 05 / 3 / PersonalDefenseNet
    In his CMMG Mk3 review, Rob Pincus examines this AR-type rifle that is set up in .308, a caliber we don't usually think of for a personal-defens e rifle. But it does have some specific defensive and professional applications. WHO IS IT FOR? From the personal-defens e point of view, the CMMG Mk3 .308 rifle would be useful for people who live in wide open spaces. If you live on a large piece of land, or have a long driveway or a gated entrance and can foresee the possibility of needing to defend yourself
  7. Nov 15 / 285 / sootch00
    New CMMG MkGs Guard 9mm AR Review. Using a Patented Radial Delayed Blowback System, the Guard 9mm is one of the softest shooting 9mm carbines out there! Big thanks to Brian from Grady's Outdoors CMMG Inc Freedom Munitions : Sootch00 5% Discount ShootSteel Targets: 10% Sootch00 Discount
  8. Jun 08 / 664 / Iraqveteran8888
  9. May 13 / 395 / sootch00
    CMMG MkG Guard 45 ACP AR-15 Carbine Delayed Blowback design that uses Glock Mags! CMMG Freedom Munitions: 5% Sootch00 Discount Shoot Steel Targets:
  10. Dec 12 / 76 / The Wound Channel
    Today I take a look at a .308 AR from CMMG fitted with a 3x30 ACOG. Check out this rifle at

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