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  1. Oct 02 / 36 / The Adventure Cowboy
    A faithful reproduction of one of the most iconic leverguns ever made. LIKE & SHARE Visit the official T.A.C. website at adventurecowboy .com Music Source: YouTube Audio Library Rifles Cimarron Lever Action Rifles Review
  2. Sep 18 / 4 / luftkrieger1943
    This is a review of a couple 1873 Colt replica revolvers made my two different Italian manufacturers and imported by Cimarron. I hope you find the information helpful, even if it puts you to sleep. Handguns Cimarron Revolvers Review
  3. Jul 18 / 24 / BrendanTheGent
    After a 2 year wait she is finally home! RTE 1 Auto Service website:
  4. Jun 19 / 95 / plowboysghost
    Got another new Schofield Handguns Cimarron Revolvers Review
  5. Jun 02 / 20 / Slim Cowboy
    Questions or comments feel free to ask in the comment section or email me at mrwunderful38@g Check me out on Instagram at official slim cowboy Check me out on GunStreamer and gunchannels also slim cowboy Handguns Cimarron Revolvers Review
  6. Apr 15 / 15 / Ralph Perez
    This revolver came in on Friday and I picked it up that evening. I took it home, gave it a bath because it was covered with oil as that is the way Uberti (maker of Cimarron revolvers) ships their guns. There is no chance of rust anywhere with these revolvers as they come from the manufacturer. This revolver is very unique. It's nothing like the 1873 SAA that came along the next year, a much more refined revolver. Still, this is such a unique piece that just showing it to anyone seems to get their
  7. Jan 03 / 30 / Texas Outdoors and more
    In our 14th Gun wall addition we take a look at my Cimarron 1858 NEW Model Army. This 6 shooter is a replica of the cartridge conversion Remington 1858 New Model Army made by Uberti and imported by Cimarron Firearms Co. Originally this single action revolver would be a percussion cap black powder. The New Model Army had the common bore of .44cal while the Navy version had a .36cal bore. This one is converted to shoot .45 long colt.
  8. Dec 10 / 24 / disposable762
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  9. Dec 06 / 33 / disposable762
    Check out my Teepublic Store.
  10. Nov 12 / 13 / rmwtsou
    The Uberti-made Cimarron P Model Dual Cylinder single action revolver in .45 long Colt and .45ACP. It does have the new Uberty retracting firing pin safety allowing you to carry 6 rounds in the cylinder. A video of the range testing of this revolver is at

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