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  1. Jul 16 / 9 / Armi e Tiro
    Una finitura cangiante ed esclusiva per il pi innovativo dei revolver sul mercato: la canna allineata con la camera inferiore azzera il rilevamento, precisione intrinseca elevata e assetto equilibrato Handguns Chiappa Firearms Revolvers Review
  2. Mar 16 / 8 / GUNSweek
    IWA 2019 - Chiappa Firearms introduces the CBR-9 Black Rhino' pistol, a brand-new weapon intended for personal defense and professional activities. Moving from its traditional production line, but following a logic started with the Rhino revolver, at IWA 2019 the Italian manufacturer Chiappa Firearms has introduced a new personal defense weapon: the CBR-9 Black Rhino. We had announced it days ago, but now we have seen and touched it at the German show in Nuremberg. Not something 'just like' anything
  3. Jan 25 / 16 / GUNSweek
    Chiappa Firearms introduces the new Nebula variant of its signature Rhino revolver, available with a Double/Single action or a single-action only trigger and sporting a captivating multi-colored finish. The new Chiappa Firearms Rhino Nebula revolver features a distinctive and captivating 'Nebula' mixed color finish obtained by physical vapor deposition (PVD) on all outer metal finish, providing this gun with an almost hypnotically elegant look while at the same time offering superior resistance against
  4. Jan 24 / 8 / GUNSweek
    The Chiappa Firearms RAK-9 9mm semi-automatic carbine takes the pistol-caliber carbines (PCC) market by storm with its faithful take on the original AKM design, its modular magazine well and now, with its new ATI Fiberforce polymer furniture The Chiappa Firearms RAK-9 semi-automatic carbine is almost unique in the field of semi-automatic, full-length pistol-caliber carbines (PCC) so popular these days in that it is the only mass-produced PCC currently available to be based on an AK/AKM design while
  5. Aug 18 / 1 / all4shooters English
    The LA322 is a lever-action rimfire carbine manufactured in Italy by Chiappa Firearms conceived for inexpensive target shooting or small game hunting. Read more here:
  6. Nov 11 / 43 / GUNSweek
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  7. Oct 11 / 809 / TheYankeeMarshal
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  8. Nov 09 / 4 / all4shooters English
    A truly faithful reproduction of the M4 military service carbine, Chiappa Firearms' MFour-22 rimfire semi-automatic knockoff is both apt for sporting and training purposes
  9. Aug 18 / msk7a
    Various handguns I've purchase through dealers, face to face transactions, and internet auction sites. These are the Browning Hi-Power (semi-automatic pistol), the Chiappa Firearms Rhino 50DS (modified revolver), and two Harrington and Richardson 999s (break-top revolvers). Handguns Chiappa Firearms Revolvers Review
  10. Jun 05 / 16 / AmericanGunsmith

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