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  1. Jun 14 / 49 / Mishaco
    Back from vacation, we have something new to review for you all, well sort of. This is one of the new production run semi-auto Spanish CETME Modelo L rifles in 5.56 NATO (.223 Rem). These were built for Copper Custom (Military Arms Channel's neighborhood gunshop) by Hill & Mac Guns (HMG) using original unissued, serial matching parts sets from Spain. In this video, we talk about the rifle's history, review this one, and take it to the range to see how it handles. ...And for my thoughts and opinions
  2. Jan 24 / 1 / Little guy
    This video goes through the process of demilling the trunnion and cocking tube of my CETME C parts kit in .308. This is in getting it ready to rebuild into a semi auto CETME. Rifles Cetme Semi Auto Rifles Review
  3. Jan 23 / 43 / AtlanticFirearms
    CETME L RIifle From Marcolmar at Atlantic Firearms Marcolmar is producing a limited run of the highly collectible CETME L Rifle, In Semi Auto! This very unique Military rifle is the cousin of every roller delayed blow-back rifle produced sharing the same operation mechanism and similar features. Comes with one 30 round magazine. Rifles Cetme Semi Auto Rifles Review
  4. Oct 26 / Primal Tactical
    Here is a little info about my Cetme Sporter Rifle imported my Century Arms and a showing of my Saiga AK-47 in .308 both guns are lots of fun and you will for sure see these in future videos. Music: Onlap - Whispers in My Head Outro: Assuming We Survive No Fairy Tale Rifles Cetme Semi Auto Rifles Review
  5. Apr 16 / 38 / Mishaco
    Today we take a look at quite a unique and even weird rifle from Spain; the 5.56mm Modelo L. Designed by Centro de Estudios T cnicos de Materiales Especiales (CETME), it was in production at the Empresa Nacional Santa B rbara factory from 1986 through 1991. It was issued throughout the Spanish Army, replacing the famous Modelo C during the late 1980s and into the early 1990s. Also the Guardia Civil issued the Mod L for over two decades. However, it was never really exported to other nations. Today
  6. Jan 20 / POGMarineFPS The Reloading Bench
    LIVE FIRE review of the C308 semi auto rifle. Very awesome battle rifle. check out my table top review as well. Enjoy Rifles Cetme Semi Auto Rifles Review
  7. Mar 13 / 128 / Mishaco
    Today, we take a look at a rare preban import from the 1960s. Manufactured by CETME in Spain, and sold in the USA by MARS of Chicago, IL; this Sport rifle is of very high quality and shot very well. Shown also in this video are a Springfield Greek SAR-3 (incorrectly labeled as SAR-1 in the subtitle) and Century PTR C308. Speaking of Century, that company has built thousands of CETME Sporters from military surplus parts kits, but comparing the Spanish MARS CETME to one of those is like comparing a
  8. Dec 21 / 1299 / The Late Boy Scout
    H&K G3 accessories:
  9. May 26 / 7 / Kondition1
    The CETME would spawn the G3 and launch Hechler & Koch as a major defense manufacturer. Here's what to look out for when picking up one of this mil-surp rebuilds and how to make it a reliable 7.62x51 (.308) rifle at a basement $400-500 price tag. Rifles Cetme Semi Auto Rifles Review
  10. Nov 03 / 79 / 1957Shep
    The CETME is a Spanish copy of the HK G3 rifle. Some years ago many were imported into the US as parts kits and rebuilt as semi-auto only rifles by Century International. Very similar to the old HK model 91, but much less expensive. These rifles are chambered for 308 Winchester/7.62 x51 NATO. End of video shout out is for Mr45Bullitt. Find his channel by following the link below.

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