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  1. Oct 19 / all4hunters English
    We spent a hunting day with the Revenant, the new over-under shotgun that Caesar Guerini designed for stalking. Read our complete review here:
  2. Aug 21 / 1 / all4shooters English
    We asked Renato Lamera, Dynamic Clay Pigeon Shooting champion, to give us his impressions on the Caesar Guerini Invictus III Ascent Trap over-under. Read the review here:
  3. Jun 13 / 13 / The Gun Shop
    Jonny takes a look over this extreme looking high rib Guerini. Hope you enjoy! Shotguns Caesar Guerini Over Under Shotguns Review
  4. Apr 16 / 42 / The Gun Shop
    How did Guerini come to be? We have a look at the short history of Caesar Guerini, and why they have to offer today. Instagram:
  5. Jan 14 / 25 / Lloyd Pattison
    This week I am taking a look at the High Rib version of the CG Summit, the Impact. If you enjoy the channel, please consider becoming a Patron
  6. Nov 30 / 2 / Caesar Guerini USA
    A look at our Annual Caesar Guerini Dove Hunt. A day with friends and fine Italian shotguns where we enjoy the spoils of the hunt and conversations among colleagues. For more information on the fine Italian over-and-under shotguns used on this hunt, please visit http://GueriniU Share your own CG hunting experiences and join in the conversation at our social media links below: FACEBOOK
  7. Oct 11 / Jaguargruppen Danmark
    Shotguns Caesar Guerini Over Under Shotguns Review
  8. Sep 12 / 2 / all4shooters English
    We tested the one million shots over-under: the Invictus V from the Italian Caesar Guerini company. Read our review here:
  9. Jun 15 / 2 / all4hunters English
    We had the pleasure of testing the two over-and-under shotguns dedicated to walking hunts by Caesar Guerini, the Magnus Limited and the Tempio, in the Syren version for lady hunters. Read the review here:
  10. May 29 / 35 / Lloyd Pattison
    Review of the Caesar Guerini Summit. If you enjoy the channel, please consider becoming a Patron

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