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  1. Sep 25 / 2 / Tac Tips
    On this episode of Tactips, we review the ATI Millsport AR-15 in .450 Bushmaster. In our opinion, a great whitetail rifle! Stick around for some great tips and exploding melons! :-) Rifles Bushmaster Semi Auto Rifles Review
  2. Aug 12 / 6 / Sphons CCW LLC
    Mossberg Patriot 450 bushmaster is a great choice for big game hunting in states with straight wall cartridge restrictions. The 450 bushmaster is a monster on whitetails! Shooting the Mossberg patriot 450 is comparable to shooting a 12 guage slug gun off hand! The Mossberg 450 is also very accurate, putting 5 shots touching at 100 yards using the Hornady black 450 bushmaster 250 grain FTX if you do your part shooting. #sphonsccw #VSOGunChannel #mossberg #450 bushmaster #patriot #bolt gun #mossberg
  3. Aug 11 / 14 / PNW Outdoor Reviews
    Went camping in Western Washington with my Wife's family and let everyone take their very first shot on my Bushmaster BA50 50bmg. This video is just proof of how fun and easy shooting a 50bmg rifle really is. Rifles Bushmaster Bolt Action Rifles Review
  4. Jul 25 / 79 / Replica Airguns
    Make sure to visit my written post for this video with additional photos over on ReplicaAirguns. com:
  5. Jul 23 / 3 / og_ Blood
    In this video I do a thorough review on the Bushmaster and go over its pros and cons (SPOILER ALERT: it has basically no cons/ bad qualities except maybe its zoom in time) Quick Overview of the Video: The gun has very good multipliers and always one-hits people (hence the slow select/deselect speed is not relevant as you never really need your pistol). Its not the best for quick-scopes due to its relatively long scope in/out times. However, I overall do recommend purchasing it if you dont have the
  6. May 29 / 22 / Military Weapons
    Remington Arms is responsible for the selective fire version of the ACR, while Bushmaster Firearms International is responsible for the semi-automatic only version. Subscribe Now -
  7. Apr 12 / 48 / NFA Review Channel
    Congratulations to Nick Molek who won the 100K GAW! Thanks for all the support! Now it's time for you to win! Visit www.patreon.com /nfareview to join the Winners Circle! Promo Codes & Current Active Channel Sponsors: Freedom Munitions (Code NFAREVIEW) ShootSteel (Code NFAREVIEW) RubberDummies (Code NFAREVIEW) Holosun (Buy from optics planet and use code NFAREVIEW) ThePelicanStore (Code NFAREVIEW) Cole-Tac (Code NFAREVIEW) Discreet Ballistics (Code NFAREVIEW) TekMat (Code NFAREVIEW) BrazenFirearms
  8. Mar 13 / 55 / GearsofGuns
    The Bushmaster ACR Enhanced is a rifle I have been looking at for a few years now as I like the look and feel of the rifle. I do wish that Bushmaster was a little faster at releasing products for this but for now this rifle is just a blast to shoot. If you are here just to leave negative comments about the ACR Your comments will be removed. ******** Need Cheap Ammo? Check out this link!
  9. Feb 09 / 89 / Shooter1721 / Airguns
    Crosman Bushmaster MPW overview CO2-Powered with a Red Dot Sight Tactical Multi-Purpose Weapon AR Platform with Mock suppressor Adaptable Full-Auto/Semi- Auto Customize it with your own AR Stock and or Pistol grip AR compatible Buffer tube AR compatible Pistol Grip Quad Rail forearm for accessory mounting 25 rd drop magazine Includes: Red dot Rifles Bushmaster Semi Auto Rifles Review
  10. Jan 23 / 7 / Buckwear Outdoors
    Thanks for watching , you can purchase this rifle for under 500$ . Rifles Bushmaster Bolt Action Rifles Review

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