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  1. Nov 01 / 36 / BigDaddyHoffman1911
    The love child of an AR-15 and Winchester Model 94? Maybe. The Browning BLR takes the lever-action platform into the 21st century. Rifles Browning Lever Action Rifles Review
  2. Oct 23 / 7 / Outdoors Junky
    Browing X-Bolt Max Long Range in 6.6 Creedmoor. Shooting at 100 yards with a Primary Arms 3-18x50 RGrid 2B. Super accurate rifle using factory hunting rounds. More to come! Primary Arms 3-18x50
  3. Oct 23 / 1 / Waterfowl Assassins
    Review of the Browning x-bolt 270 white Gold medallion This video is about Luke 2016 browning x-bolt 270 white Gold medallion. He is just explaining his thoughts and opinion about the rifle. I know that this gun is a vary nis and smooth shooting gun that many people would love to shoot. please comment, like, and subscribe Rifles Browning Bolt Action Rifles Review
  4. Sep 21 / 29 / Backfire
    I bought the Browning X-Bolt Pro a couple months ago and have fallen in love with many aspects of this rifle; however, I also have some grips such as the heavy trigger. This is an actual owner's review. Rifles Browning Bolt Action Rifles Review
  5. Sep 09 / 37 / ozziereviews
    The Lucky 13 BLR magazine holds 10 rounds but the bolt cannot close, so it is a true 9 round magazine. It functioned perfectly and felt very smooth with the BLR tested. Rifles Browning Lever Action Rifles Review
  6. Sep 05 / 12 / Countryway Gunshop
    Today we have a Browning B25 is original condition. This Browning B25 B2G is dated 1974 and apart from the oval in the stock is in its original factory condition. This is a Browning B25 skeet gun and is marked with skeet and skeet chokes. We have a number of different Browning Shotguns videos so if you would like to view more of our videos please subscribe to our channel where you will find more Browning shotgun reviews.
  7. Aug 24 / 5 / Backcountry Rookies
    This is a quick run down of my Browning X Bolt Stalker Long Range 300 WM. The rifle comes packed with features that you find on some of the high-end custom rifles and they are built into an affordable package from Browning. If you haven't looked at the Browning X Bolt and all it offers I highly recommend you stop by their website (linked below) and browse what they have to offer. Better yet, stop by your local dealer and get your hands on one. Great package for a great price.
  8. Aug 24 / 4 / Maverick Gunworks
    A closer look at the Browning SA22 and learning how it handles. Rifles Browning Semi Auto Rifles Review
  9. Aug 15 / 12 / GunCity
    These incredibly smooth and lightweight rifles are so popular, there's even a cameo appearance from James MG who just wanted to have one for himself! *Note barrel underneath coating is steel, not coated stainless as referenced in the video*. Check them out on the Gun City website here:
  10. Aug 12 / Sportsman's Warehouse
    The newest addition to Browning's X-Bolt series is a fantastic rifle for those who take long range shooting seriously. With a great performance in both our bench shooting and hunting tests, this rifle gives you an excellent bang for your buck. Browning X-Bolt Max Long Range Rifle

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