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  1. Mar 13 / 1 / Gun Mart TV
    Blaser K95 Ultimate Carbon Rifle Review. Blaser K95 While at the IWA 2019 show in Germany we take a look at at a carbon masterpiece from Blaser. More Reviews at Rifles Blaser Bolt Action Rifles Review
  2. Feb 21 / 3 / Gun Mart TV
    Blaser R8 Silence Review. Blaser R8 Silence price. Blaser R8 Silence shooting Peter Moore takes at look the new Blaser R8 Silence rifle. Esentially a standard R8 with and integral sound moderator. A very special rifle Full review in March 2019 issue of Shooting Sports More reviews at Distributor www.blaser-spor Rifles Blaser Bolt Action Rifles Review
  3. Sep 14 / 114 / USOG
    A Ludwig Borovnik, Steyr M1895, and a quick look at some other straight pull bolt action rifles. Some comments on the guns of Ferlach, Austria.
  4. Mar 09 / 198 / USOG
    Review of the Krieghoff Semprio and other German straight pull bolt rifles as well as the American Remington 760 and 14.
  5. Feb 02 / 131 / USOG
    The evolution of Blaser bolt rifles from the SR830 to the R8 with a comparison to the Mauserr 66 and 98.
  6. Oct 18 / 71 / The Gun Shop
    Our Gunsmith takes a quick look at the Blaser F16. Subscribe to us for updates featuring lots of shooting, lots of guns and reviews! For even more updates see our social media and our ever-growing website: Website:
  7. Mar 06 / Andrea CavagliĆ 
    Poligono di tiro Le Chamois - Forno di Coazze. Una cosa che onestamente non conoscevo ma che nell'ambito del tiro gi molto utilizzata e da i suoi frutti. Presentato da Dario Cenni. Follow me on instagram @andreacavaglia
  8. Dec 18 / 153 / ArmslistMedia
  9. Nov 27 / 207 / USOG
    A quick look at some of the best straight pull bolt action rifle designs Straight pull rifles in video: Blaser R8 Blaser R93 CISM Heym SR 30 Merkel Helix Rifles Blaser Bolt Action Rifles Review
  10. Oct 19 / 4 / sureshotmidget14
    460 FPS with .20s out of the box. Max range of 230 feet. For sale. 140 shipped without the scope, 170 with the scope. Rifles Blaser Bolt Action Rifles Review

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