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  1. May 27 / 40 / The Gun Nut
    A very great quality built AR15 and fun to shoot.
  2. Mar 09 / 4 / The Gun Nut
    This is a very fun plinker and very reliable its a great build from B.R.O.
  3. May 21 / 8 / Mike Papa Kilo
  4. May 11 / 7 / Eric Tanksley
    10.5 Black rain ordnance pistol Handguns Black Rain Ordnance Semi Auto Pistols Review
  5. Dec 22 / 5 / David Hunden
    This review is just my opinion. I really like the rifle performed great .. Handguns Black Rain Ordnance Semi Auto Pistols Review
  6. Oct 27 / 49 / The Daily Shooter
    This is a review of the Classic Skulls AR10 by Black Rain Ordnance. This .308 rifle is a beast, Hydro dipped, Milled upper and lower, Nib BCG, Adjustable gas block, 416R SS with QPQ Nitride treatment. This rifle has ended up on my must have list for sure. For Links and Extra Content Follow The Daily Shooter on Full30
  7. Jul 23 / 47 / Mike Papa Kilo
  8. Jun 08 / 84 / The Daily Shooter
    This is a review of the Black Rain Ordnance BRO LOCK for the AR-15. This lock is an excellent way to lock people out of your rifle from either opening the upper and lower or even operating the bolt.
  9. Mar 28 / Black Rain Ordnance
    Shooting the Black Rain Ordnance 300BLK with the Aris Silencer in full auto in Wichita, KS. Rifles Black Rain Ordnance Semi Auto Rifles Review
  10. Jul 18 / 147 / Aaargo Jay
    This may be of some news to some of you, but the State of New York has placed restrictions on semi-automatic rifles to be owned in state. The restrictions placed are very restrictive. So restrictive that a standard AR-15/M16 is banned. What should the citizens of NY do? Leave? Fight the system? Stay and suffer without a semi-auto rifle? Here, how about this... Black Rain Ordnance has made something to give the middle finger to the state of NY's lawmakers and fill the trigger fingers of those semi-auto

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